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What To Avoid Doing On a First Date

October 15th, 2012 · No Comments

When going on a date, there are several things you should avoid. Follow these tips to help your first date go smoothly and hopefully help you score a second one.

Be selective in the personal details you share with your date. Don’t give out too many personal details on a first date, as this may scare some people away, but sharing basic information about yourself, such as where you grew up, what you like to do in your spare time, etc., is perfectly acceptable. Don’t, however, talk about past relationships or bring up very personal information. Additionally, you don’t want to brag, as this may also turn people away. Try to be modest in the way you talk with your date and make sure you both share the conversation equally rather than one of you doing all the talking.

Do not fiddle with your phone. This will make it look like you aren’t interested in the date at all and it is very disrespectful. It is okay to leave you phone on in case of an emergency, but you should not be texting other people or taking unnecessary phone calls when you are sharing the night with your date.

Do not lie for any reason. If you are looking to go on a second date and hope that this relationship may potentially get serious, then lying on the first date can cause complications later in the relationship. Try to be completely honest with your date.

Don’t do anything to make your date uncomfortable, such as touching them in certain areas, asking personal questions, etc. This may compromise your chances of having a second date.

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General Dating Rules For Women

April 3rd, 2012 · 2 Comments

Whether you date to find fun or to find a mate, general dating rules maximize your dating experience. Dating guidelines will not prevent your next date from ending in disaster, but several basic rules can help you find success in your dating career.

Look good. Dress to accentuate your positive traits. Dressing nice gives you confidence and allows your personality to shine. Remember to pack breath mints and perfume in your purse.

Be yourself. If you despise sports, suppress the temptation to act interested in football. With honesty, you maintain your dignity and ensure you date men who appreciate the real you.

Avoid dating a loser. Even if you are desperate for a date on Friday night, a man who disrespects you or cannot hold a job will not be able to fulfill you in other areas. Look for a man’s character traits. Observe how he treats his mother and animals to determine how he will treat you.

Play hard to get. Men like a challenge. If you avoid rushing to answer every call, he will work harder to persuade you to date him. Additionally, keep secrets. Men are turned off when you share your life history on the first date.

Exercise safety precautions. Avoid being alone with a man you do not know. Agree to meet him somewhere rather than allowing him to pick you up at your home. Carry a fully charged cell phone and cash for a cab in case you need to escape a dead end date.

Control your drinking. Alcohol inhibits your behavior and leads to embarrassment and potentially dangerous situations.

Avoid unprotected sex. In most cases, reserve sex until your date has committed to you. Likewise, avoid dating a man who boasts about his sexual exploits or pressures you for sexual favors.

Be honest about your expectations. If you are seeking to find a lifetime mate, date men who could potentially be marital mates. If you are looking for a fun time, be available to date a variety of men.

Embrace surprise. Your dream date may not look like the man from your fantasies. Sometimes, setting aside your list of requirements leads to experiences you would otherwise miss.

These general dating guidelines prepare you for success. Pay attention to your date’s character while accentuating your positive traits. Be yourself and have fun while enjoying your next date.

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How To Write A Personal Ad For Online Dating

February 28th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Dating is serious business when you have to invest your time and resources on the hunt. The fastest way to find your perfect match is with a quality online dating service that attracts a large crowd of members. As a key player yourself, how you represent yourself online will attract the individual you would like to meet. Your introduction or bio page is the place to start to attract your soul mate and weed out those who will waste your time


Your online dating photo should be current within the last six months. Old photos might be your favorite, however when you make an interesting connection, reality is going to come out. If you are not happy with what you have, get busy and have a fabulous photo taken at a professional studio. In addition, remember that those you are chatting with may not be truthful with their own appearance. To safe guard yourself before meeting them, it is wise to hook-up together on a live web cam chat to ensure everything is above board and they truly are who they claim to be.

Your Bio Information

Your online dating bio page is the first stop for the opposite sex. The information should represent your talents, abilities, hobbies, interests and outlook on life. Stick to the truth and never feel compelled to dumb yourself down if you are a female. Smart, assertive and professionally aggressive women are a rare prize for the right man who has the self-confidence to compliment her. If a male is uncomfortable or intimidated by a woman’s profession or achievements, he won’t last long when you meet him in the flesh. In addition, males may feel free to strut like a peacock to attract a fun-loving and athletic companion for the golf course, surfing or intellectual chats by the fireplace. Intelligence and education are a core value on any dating service, so be sure to express yourself in your best light.

Meeting For the First Time

The decision to meet for a date is an exciting giant step forward, however females must exert caution and common sense in the situation. Keep it safe and sane with a meeting in a public place, such as a restaurant or museum, and avoid going home with someone you do not know. Before you leave on your date, Google him or her and verify the home address you have. This information should be kept on your computer or given to a trusted family member or friend should an emergency arise and no one knows where you are. If a male or female connection does not want to reveal who they are, where they work, and where they live, that first date may be a mistake. Males who have nothing to hide understand the precautions women must take, and those who are non-compliant towards her safety are not to be trusted.

The online dating scene is filled with wonderful people just like you that have no time to meet a partner the old school way. Technology has made it possible to screen hundreds of potential partners with one click of the mouse. Be real, be honest and protect yourself from possible harm. Online dating is here to stay, and for most single people, it’s the only way to play.

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Dating Coupons

February 24th, 2012 · No Comments

Check out special online dating coupons and offers from the top internet dating services. If you are serious about using an online dating service then why not give them a test run and create a free profile: Discount Codes

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Do you know of any other online dating site offers? Post them below.

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Dating For Seniors

February 8th, 2012 · 1 Comment

All our life we try and find the best possible life partner for ourselves. We keep waiting for that special person to meet by any means necessary. Sometimes online or by blind dating. Today even the elderly people between the ages of 40 to 60 are also taking a step ahead and opting for online dating. This type of dating is widely known as senior dating.

It is actually an overwhelming task in our thinking because it gets very difficult to find a date at this elder age. With the technological advancements of these days, it is actually not difficult due to the availability of dating for seniors websites on the internet. After staying in a long relationship the seniors are actually expected to get out of that and start adjusting themselves to a totally new working scenario and finding a new partner and starting all the relationship searching again. Although senior dating is similar to normal dating but it actually has a certain modifications in the working rules.

The main emphasis is required on enjoying & having fun and for that matter you are expected to keep an eye on all the people around you. Have time out for yourself when you can sit with yourself and find out ways to romance the opposite sex by taking a break from work and “smell the roses”.

According to the recent statistics, around 17% of the adults who are or have crossed the age of 55 are using senior dating websites very regularly. This percentage is actually very high as compared to the statistics 20 years ago. Many of these people have been supported by their children as their children want them to be happy again after the divorce or death of their spouses.

Be Sure and Safe Dating
The most important thing to keep in mind is to be sure of being safe when choosing senior dating services after a long time of being single. The important thing to be kept in mind is that the first date will be where you will be required to go alone with an unknown person, so the dating individual shall be bold enough to handle and take care of himself.

It is advisable to go to a public place for your initial dates not because the other person can be wrong but just to be sure of avoiding any mishap.

Common Factors Attached to Senior Dating
As the technology changes, so is the way of dating. The outcome of the advanced technology is the idea of online dating and thereby senior dating for individuals in an elder age bracket. One drawback of online dating is that it gets difficult to know that the person you dating is genuine and trustworthy – so take your time.

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Internet Dating Rankings November 2011

December 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

Here are the latest Comscore Internet Dating Rankings from Oct, 2011 in the US based on monthly unique visitors to the sites.

1 – sites (5,392,000) – Yahoo Personals is now owned and operated by Match, MSN Personals and Love@AOL.
2 – PlentyofFish (3,849,000) – Free dating website also known as
3 – eHarmony (2,200,000)
4 – Speeddate (2,137,000) – Fast growing property with great chat features.
5 – People Media Sites (2,064,000) – This is now owned by and includes properties like and which are both partnered with AOL.
6 – Zoosk (1,579,000) – They grew fast with a social media applicationffffff
7 – OK Cupid (1,309,000) – Also owned by now. %100 Free dating site.
8 – Mate1 (1,029,000)
9 – DateHookup (1,021,000) – Free dating site with steady growth operated out of Sacramento, CA
10 – Spark Networks (958,000) – is their main site but they own and operate other ethnic, religious and niche dating sites.

Below are the Hitwise Top Free Dating Sites in the US from August, 2011:

1 – PlentyofFish
2 – Adam4Adam – free gay dating site
3 –
4 – OKCupid
5 – WooMe – recently acquired by Zoosk so most likely won’t be free anymore.

I always take the Hitwise and Comscore industry numbers with a grain of salt as they are generated by estimation algorithms and don’t necessarily reflect actuals. If you visit the about us page on they reported over 7M monthly uniques back in April. Another tool that shows a pretty good picture of site growth and traffic numbers is which I use to see if there are new movers in the dating industry. This is just a landscape picture of sites in the US and if you look in Canada you’ll see sites like and in the UK on the top of the lists. Good luck on your search for love online!

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Dating Sites for Teenagers Under 18

September 15th, 2010 · Comments Off on Dating Sites for Teenagers Under 18

I did this search the other day in Google and look at the list of advertisers that are running ads on this keyword search string. was in the #1 Position and they have been aggressively buying paid search these past few months and mostly broad matching all terms. was a surprise to see here as their search is managed by an agency that seems to not mind buying teen terms. I bet that’s not helping the good old ROI for them. took the #4 position with their ad saying “Have an Affair – Guaranteed” which is just exactly what you want your teenage kids reading.

If you do other searches on Google for “dating under 15” you’ll see ads for Zoosk, Match and eHarmony. I found that to be a little humorous since International just report that they saw a 84% increase in conversions using the Google Conversion Optimizer on Ad Words.

If you are managing a paid search campaign on Google Ad Words and want to make sure your ads aren’t showing up for these searches you can go to your keywords tab, then scroll all the way down the page and expand the ‘negatives’ link and put in the terms that you don’t want to appear on. See screenshot below:

There are teen dating websites online if you are indeed looking for dating services for teens or singles under 18 years old. Here are a few that I found that seemed to be pretty legitimate.
eCrush (now eSpin and owned by Hearst Communications)
Stay Teen

Post up other sites if you know of any safe teen online dating sites.

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May 24th, 2010 · 1 Comment

IAC’s Partners with Yahoo! to be the Exclusive Online Dating Service on Yahoo!

DALLAS, May 24th, 2010 –, an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI), today announced an agreement by which will become the exclusive online dating site on Yahoo!. Yahoo! Personals users will have the opportunity to move to a new co-branded experience, “ on Yahoo!” where they will combine with the greater community. The on Yahoo! service is available starting today.

Yahoo! Personals users will receive special offers designed to help them enjoy all that has to offer. The two companies are working together to help users easily migrate to on Yahoo!. Over the next two months, existing Yahoo! Personals members will be given the opportunity to seamlessly migrate their Yahoo! Personals accounts over to the new experience. on Yahoo! offers compelling features including mobile access, daily personalized matches and robust search tools and will fully replace the existing Yahoo! Personals experience at the end of the transition period.

“The key to a successful online dating experience is having both a thriving community of active members and a sophisticated site experience optimized for dating success,” says Greg Blatt, CEO of “By bringing Yahoo! Personals members to, our community, which we already believe to be the largest and most vibrant in the space, has become even more compelling for our members. When you add this to our unparalleled site experience, evolving every month with new features and enhancements, we feel the distance between the online dating experience we offer and that of others in the space is growing even larger.”

“Yahoo!’s vision is to be the center of people’s online lives and we continue to focus on providing the best experiences for our users and advertisers. Through our partnership with, the leader in the online dating category, we will offer an enhanced experience to singles looking to find the right match,” said Greg Hintz, senior director, Americas Listings and Audience SEO at Yahoo!.

The long-term arrangement provides that will be the exclusive online dating provider and display advertiser on Yahoo!. will receive media placements on the site, as well as occupy the position served by the personals navigational link on the Yahoo! homepage.

About IAC
IAC operates more than 50 leading and diversified Internet businesses across 30 countries … our mission is to harness the power of interactivity to make daily life easier and more productive for people all over the world. To view a full list of the companies of IAC please visit our website at

About pioneered online dating when it launched on the Web in 1995 and continues to lead this exciting and evolving category after more than a decade. Throughout its 15-year history, has helped millions of singles meet and fall in love. provides a rich tapestry of ethnicities, interests, goals, ambitions, quirks, looks and personalities from which to choose. operates some of the leading subscription-based online dating sites in 25 countries, in 8 languages and spanning five continents, as well as oversees its ongoing investment in Meetic. also powers online dating on MSN across Asia, Australia, the United States and Latin America. is an operating business of IAC.

-Amy Canaday Public Relations

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Online Dating Coupons and Special Offers

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Check out special online dating coupons and offers from the top internet dating services. If you are serious about using an online dating service then why not give them a test run and create a free profile: Discount Codes

Take an extra 20% off when you sign up for a new plan. comes with a 6-Month Guarantee that you’ll meet someone special and if you don’t then they’ll give you 6 months free. No Obligation, cancel anytime offer.

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Get started with a free compatibility profile and take the work out of dating online with their Duet Compatibility System where you will receive email matches of members that are compatible with you based on your personality. also offers relationship advice from the relationship expert, Dr. Pepper Schwartz. 20% Off Offer

For a limited time – purchase a 6 month subscription and save 20%. (coupon code: CJPROMOAAA Expiration Date 6/30/10). Find your soulmate today. 6 month 20% Offer: Redeem Offer Special Offer

Get 3-Months for the Price of 1 at Save over 50% with this special offer at one of the largest relationship sites for serious singles and use’s 1-2-3 Meet system to help you find your soulmate. 3 for 1 Offer: Redeem Offer 7-Day Free Trial Offer: Redeem Offer

Try for free for 7-Days and take the personality test and receive matches and get full access to contact other singles on the #1 site for love, relationships and dating. Special Deal

Get 24 hours FREE member access on the popular singles community at Meet 1000’s of sexy singles and get a free peak into the large member base of singles in your area or around the world. 24-Hours Free: Redeem Offer

Do you know of any other online dating site offers? Post them below.

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Andrew Conru

March 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Andrew Conru

10 Quick Questions with Andrew Conru:

1. Back in 1994 when you started up, did you ever think that the industry would be this huge?

I knew that the Internet was going to be revolutionary the first time I saw how it enabled people worldwide to see postings instantaneously.  At that time, the dating industry was split between traditional matchmakers and newspaper personals.  It was clear to me that it was easier, faster, and cheaper to use a central online database than to go to a niche matchmaker or use phone-based newspaper personals.  While I understood that online dating would change the way people meet, I didn’t fully grasp the extent that it would change the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

2. Is there any new technology that you see getting incorporated into online dating that will revolutionize it? Mobile, GPS, Apps, Video, VOIP, Matching

Online dating can mean many things to different people – mostly related to how filtering done by the “system” (how do members obtain validation or credibility?), access restrictions (how do members prove their intentions?), are people interacting in realtime,  and the dating process being facilitated (introduction verses matchmaking).

There are four elements to online dating:  access, member profiles, searching/matching, and member interaction.  While technology can often improve the experience, the benefits are more evolutionary than revolutionary.  For example, the trend of “always-on” access via mobile devices does open members to more spontaneous meetings especially when coupled with GPS technology.

As far as member profiles, most people are comfortable only with uploading photos and creating text profiles.  That being said, we’ve always tried to find ways for people to be more expressive in their profiles – adding voice profiles, video profiles, and other ways for people to differentiate themselves.  There seems to be a natural inhibition in people that limits about 5% of people to add more than a photo to their profile.

I think one of the last areas open to the biggest gains in innovation is in matching technology.  Matching technology includes searching, filtering, access control, privacy, and automatic agent-based services.  Two challenges facing online dating sites is the increasing expectations of members and imbalances in gender dynamics.  When I started the first online dating service in 1994, there was an immediate benefit for members… as people’s expectations of their dates stayed constant while the number of candidates soared.  After a few years, however, people become much more selective of their ideal match and now often feel less satisfied with the online dating experience.  They report that online dating sites have tons of profiles but it gets harder and harder to find a good match (while actually, the matches are better than before just that they have become more picky).

Imbalances in gender dynamics also currently results in a suboptimal suboptimal.  In most mainstream dating sites, men send 50 times more emails than women… this happens in part to the hunter nature of men as well as the fact that faced by an avalanche of emails, women respond to a tiny fraction of them which results in men having to send even more to get a single reply.  This in turn, makes men unhappy with their response rate and women unhappy with the quality and selectivity of the men.

I believe that the next wave of online personal services will be less dependent of gee-whiz technology but on the ability for people (mostly women) to select, filter, and challenge their suitors.  That is, users will start embracing software agents to dynamically interview each other prior to allowing human contact.

A key consideration as to what technology can be applied to online dating is the extent to which participants are interacting in real-time.  For the most part, online dating is pretty asynchronous – people filter and interact primarily via email message exchanges prior meeting.   GPS, Video, VOIP are all tools to enable real-time synchronous interactions.  While there are many exciting applications of these technologies to facilitate instant hookups (e.g., among friends or gay bars), they tend not to be embraced in mainstream dating sites.

3. You were one of the pioneers in developing niche community sites with AsiaFriendFinder and BigChurch. What do you see as the future in affinity dating and what made you think that these niche groups would be so successful?

I think when people visualize the perfect online dating experience, they think of a site that only have perfect candidates for THEM.  In the early days of online dating, we had to come up with ways to make people feel comfortable that they would find good matches and one way was to show them that all the members of a site matched their primary filter (e.g., Chinese language or Christians).  While it is true that a general purpose site could advertise “hey we have Chinese speakers or Christians”, some people feel more comfortable with a niche site.  Niche dating sites will continue so long as they have critical mass (number of active members) and larger general-purpose dating sites continue to give broad marketing messages.

4. Do you think that there is room for an emerging dating company to compete with the likes of Friendfinder Network, or eHarmony?

The mainstream online dating industry has a few challenges that could be exploited by a disruptive player – namely that they charge for access and have to pay for traffic.  While there are a few fast-growing sites that provide free services, they must find non-financial ways to throttle usage, provide user-intention validation and make enough revenue via advertising to buy traffic.  There is also always the potential for a first-mover company to take advantage of new traffic markets.

5. What do you think of eHarmony’s approach to personality test matchmaking vs. searching profiles? Do you think they have done a good job on the brand trust side of things with their offline commercials?

There are two general categories of online daters – those who like to take things in their own hands (e.g., search) and those who prefer to take the advice of others (e.g., matchmakers).  For many, there is a strong historical and emotional bias that a 3rd party or an expert can do a better job picking a spouse than an individual… just like people hire a stock broker to pick stocks… they believe that a dating expert or matchmaker can screen candidates better.

I believe that self-assessment tests, specific suggestions on how to better search, and many profile with personality data give online daters a better chance at success.  The challenge is to get enough members willing to spend the time to complete the tests.

eHarmony has capitalized on the fear that people make bad dating decisions.  Their advertising seems effective by targeting older women who may have had bad dating experiences as well as by using anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness of their matchmaking algorithm.   Just as financial firms will still advertise turning control to a broker, online matchmaking sites will continue to advertise the same.  eHarmony’s message to single people is that dating is very difficult, that an expert (system) can do better than they could at picking a spouse.

6. If you never got into the online dating industry, what is another online business that you would have pursued?

Search company?  I was doing a couple different online companies about the same time as online dating – one being the first company to centralize banner ads, one of the first to do online shopping, and some early social networking sites.  It is often difficult to know what your opportunity costs are when you are focusing on your primary company.  My educational background is in system controls and optimization which fits well to many aspects of Internet businesses.

7. Do you think that Social Networks are a big threat to the dating industry at large? Have you ever heard of the new fad “Twatting” (Twitter Dating)?

Many people say that large social networks like Facebook could takeover the online dating world overnight.  I am a bit skeptical due to their current inability to have multiple, disconnected, and independently privacy-controlled profiles for a single user (e.g., let a user have multiple profiles that are not linked in a way).  In 2001, I modified to support both friend social networking and online dating.  It turned out not to be successful because members found that interacting with their current friends was a separate process than discovering new friends and dates.  They saw that enabling prospective dates to see their current friends was a dating liability.  We later consolidated the profiles back into one.

Entrepreneurs will always try to apply dating in new markets.  The challenge of Twitter Dating is that there is almost no filtering process that increases the value of an interaction.  The result is a flood of responses with minimal net value.

8. Do you think love can blossom in 140 characters or less?

Oh, stop… you had me at 139 characters!  The most common subject line sent to members of online dating sites is “hi”.  The question is more dependent on what the person had to do before they were able to send you that 140 characters… how were they screened?  how do you know that they have the potential to be worth loving?

9. What is one thing that you would tell someone pursuing a new start-up as the best piece of business advice you have learned over the past 16+ years as an entrepreneur?

Pick your battles… find the minimum product/service offering features that you need to have in order to have a complete solution and get it done as soon as possible.  You can always evolve your solution by listening to your customers.

10. What are one of your favorite websites online and what site drives you crazy? One of my favorite sites online at the moment is and I hate Youtube.

I tend to spend more time thinking about how to build and improve web services than actually using them.   I see lots of potential in services that extend your social network offline such as the geo-location sites Foursquare/Gowala.   I wish Craigslist would either innovate or forward their free traffic to a site that would.  When society hands you a free monopoly, it’s your duty to innovate as if you have fierce competition.


I’d like to thank Andrew for taking the time to answer all of these questions with such insight. It has been a pleasure knowing Andrew Conru over the past few years and watching the Friendfinder Network grow into such a successful business empire.

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What Do You Do if Your Lover Cheats on You

January 25th, 2010 · 178 Comments

Infidelity is one of the hardest things to face in a relationship. If you find out that your girlfriend has cheated on you, the first thing you must do is take a deep breath and relax. Feelings of anger, hurt and betrayal are strong emotions that can blur your judgment. While some people prefer to end such a relationship at once, others might prefer to talk about it if they feel they genuinely love the other person and want to give their relationship another chance.

Depending on what you want to do, it is recommended to talk to your mate and find out what made them do this. Talking about it may help in getting a clearer view of what should be done next. If you think that you won’t be able to ever trust them then you should just break the ties or take some time apart from each other. It is still really important to get an understanding to exactly what happened and why they decided to cheat on you with someone else.

Cheating can come in different forms and levels of severity too. You might consider it cheating if you find out that your lover was kissing someone while they were intoxicated. This might be a pretty big deal to you but sort of an excusable incident. If you found out that your partner slept with someone else then that is obviously a much larger issue. What happens if you find out that your lover has been emailing or chatting with someone else online romantically? This is an instance where you need to find out what needs you are not fulfilling or what problems they are having in communicating these issues.

Trust your instincts in most cases but don’t accuse your partner that they are cheating unless you know 100% as this can cause a lot of dissension in your relationship and drive them away from you. Being overly protective can be just as bad as cheating. Nobody likes to be with a overly jealous person that is always wanting to know where you are and who you are with. Build up the trust in one another, keep communication lines open and you won’t have to worry about them cheating on you or looking else where for physical and emotional connections.

-Brian R.

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January 15th, 2010 · 5 Comments

Click Here To Visit website Information

Site Name:
Established: April 21, 1995
Member Size: 20 million +
Description: As one of the first dating sites on the Internet, has a mission to “take the lottery out of love.” helps singles increase their chance of finding a soul mate by providing a large online community of men and women looking casual and serious relationships.
Special Features: Daily 5, MatchWords, Connections, Mail, Winks, Favorites, Dr. Phil’s MindFindBind, Make Love Happen Guarantee, Instant Messaging, Reverse Match, matchMobile, MatchTalk, MyMatch, Singles Search, MatchMyFriends

Summary of has a member base of over 20 million singles in 37 different countries, providing a rich and diverse online community of singles from around the world. boasts that each year, over 200,000 members find the person they were looking for on the site and the site is viewed an average of 5 million times a day. With a large database of profiles, has developed unique tools to help singles narrow down their choices. Other than the usual criterion of age, zip code, and interests, members are able to search for individuals by MatchWords. MatchWords helps singles quickly find others with common interests by utilizing keywords that describe who and what they are. Website Review:

Signing up for is fast and easy. You go through three sections including about you, your match, and in your own words which includes a section where you can write creatively about yourself. Next, you can add photos of yourself. At, you can add up to 25 photos! After the sign-up process, you can start searching through millions of profiles for someone you might be interested in. To help with the searching process, offers a variety of searching options. As described by, MatchWords are words that people use to describe themselves. I would think of them as keywords or tags about yourself. As a free member, you can add MatchWords in the MyProfile section and then search through those to find people near you with the same MatchWord. Also as a free member, you can take advantage of’s Wink feature, which allows you to “wink” at someone that you are interested in. About two days after signing up, I’ve already received almost 20 winks. There’s definitely a lot of people on

To utilize’s premium features, you will have to become a subscriber. As a subscriber you can contact other members directly through IM and send/receive email messages in your own Match mailbox. You can also personalize the searching process by finding out who has viewed your profile, use a one click search by type, remove particular members from your view, and organize and keep tabs on all your emails, winks, and favorite matches in one place.

Special Features on

Daily 5 – They present your best 5 matches daily via email based on their matching technology. If you see someone that you are interested in then let them know and they’ll give you an introduction.
MatchWords – Search for singles by MatchWords, which are keywords people use to describe themselves.
Connections – Manage your emails, winks, and favorite matches in one place.
Reverse Match – Find members who have specified characteristics that you have.
matchMobile – Get free wink and email alerts, send/receive emails, and search for matches on your mobile phone.
MatchTalk – Talk with your connections on your phone anonymously.
Email Read Notification – Find out when your matches read the emails you have sent.
First Impressions – Improve your chances of being contacted by our newest members. Your profile will be among the first emailed to them. Subscription Plans:

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* Make Love Happen Guarantee – Qualify for a free Love extension if you subscribe to the six-month Love package and have not met someone special after 6 months. is a registered Verisign site with secure credit card forms and SSL encryption. You can subscribe online or by phone at: 1-888-838-9045 8am-8pm CST.

Company Information: was launched in April of 1995. It is the world’s largest online dating and personals property. If you are looking for, Match dating, AOL Personals, MSN Personals or then visit the official website at: is based in Dallas, Texas and is owned and operated by IAC/InterActive Corp (Nasdaq: IACI).

555 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 314-7300

Write your own personal review of or comment below.

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Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

January 13th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Relationship Status: It's Complicated
I love when you see a friends FB update and it says “Relationship Status: It’s Complicated” then a bunch of people tell them that they are sorry and offer emotional support. Then you also get a few guys hovering above getting ready to come down on the kill that will say “Let me know if you need to talk to anyone”. Relationships don’t always have to be so complicated. They don’t need to be so all of nothing. That is when I think things start to fall apart. You’ll have one person in the relationship that is really bothered by something that the other person does or doesn’t do and they make a big deal out of it and create a ‘deal breaker’ scenario. Then they end up breaking up with the person because of this issue and then find themselves single and lonely again. We all have our imperfections and I know one of mine is that it is hard for me to be on time whether it is for a meeting, date or to send out a card or buy a gift. I inherited this from my father sometime during my childhood and have been hard at work trying to undo this personality trait but thank God my partner understands this and doesn’t freak out on me when I forget something that I know is super important to her. I just accept the fault and apologize and try not to make any excuses but to let her know that I’ll make a better effort next time and that I know she is frustrated with me. Think about some of the things that bother you about your current relationship or a past one? Was it anything that you could have dealt with or was it a real ‘deal breaker’? I bet you wish on some things that you would have taken the time to work those issues out.

On the other side of this is the issue of becoming to comfortable in your relationship that you don’t want or are not ready for any change. I have been caught in this trap before where I knew that our relationship wasn’t growing or going anywhere yet I chose to keep things going status quo and ended up having a good portion of my life flash before me before I woke up one day and called it off. I was too comfortable and didn’t want to rock the boat and it was just too convenient for me. A lot of this comes from being in a physical relationship where you don’t want to lose the comfort of sleeping with someone. The emotional side of me was really frustrated with the lack of communication and substance of our relationship but the physical side of me liked to have a sleeping and sex partner.

Share some of your complicated relationship issues and let’s explore if they are real problems or things that can be fixed to uncomplicate your relationship status.

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Finding Love on Facebook

December 2nd, 2009 · 3 Comments

I just saw on TV last night that Facebook is up to 350+ million users which is nuts. It used to be this tiny private university network for students then it came and took over Myspace as a social network in which seemed to be a month. I remember when Myspace did that to Friendster about 5 years ago. I recently had a good friend of mine in town last week that is an old internet veteran of the dating space. He used to run a few affiliate programs for some popular online dating brands. He met his current girlfriend on Facebook through his ex-girlfriends friends. She contacted him so he didn’t have to troll friends-friends lists like many people do. The interesting thing about Facebook is that social connection sites have existed sine the inception of the internet like and (formerly but since they had a pay to contact business model you usually didn’t go back to the site after you paid to get into contact with one of your old friends or high school sweat hearts. This killed their business even though I remember at one point that they had over 25+ million registered high school graduates on their sites. They just didn’t allow people to connect when they wanted unless they pulled out their wallets even though these people were once friends that had lost touch over the years. has changed the game and face of dating via friends of friends which is classically how a lot of people actually meet in real life. The interesting thing about my friends hook up on Facebook is that his girlfriend lives in Montreal and is quite younger then he is and if they were both on a dating site like or that there is a great chance that they would have never met no matter what they put down as their dating preferences because he is a very unique person in what musical tastes he likes and his taste in girls. He comes across as a rock-a-billy meets urban business man and he is tattooed almost top down. He seems to be attracted to the hipster-pin-up girl type. How do you tell that to a dating site? It just seems so complicated but whenever I see that type of person I usually say something like “So and So would probably like her huh?”.

Facebook can also be scary if you are a female that is trying to stay away from old creepy boyfriends and stalkers that can search for you by name or trolling your friends lists. Good thing Facebook fully understood this and put a ton of work into your privacy settings on who can see you and they even have a feature that allows your name to be unsearchable in their database. Pretty impressive stuff. It still doesn’t work too well for celebrities and sport figures. I have a friend that manages a few sports people and their wives won’t let them create facebook or twitter profiles for stalking groupies.

The permission based friendships are a great ice breaker and way to see who the person contacting you is friends with if you have never met them. If you think about a typical dating site you rarely see group photos on people’s profiles which doesn’t help you when trying to determine whether someone is a social person or what type of friends they might have. Facebook is all that and more. I have wedding photos, travel photos, concert photos, videos and links that I have posted to my profile. People that you meet on Facebook seem to not have a problem putting up personal items and posts since they feel that only people that they have approved are consuming the content.

I can’t wait to see what the face of Facebook will look like in about 3 years from now. Will it still be around or will the next social phenomena like Twitter takes its place? I know all of the early adopters of Facebook are pissed that us old folks have taken over and that it is just a fancy version of what Classmates should have been 10 years ago.

-Brian R.

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Hitwise Top 10 Dating Site Rankings September 2009

October 12th, 2009 · 1 Comment

The Hitwise top rankings are in for September, 2009.

1. PlentyofFish (free dating site)
3. Singlesnet
4. Yahoo! Personals
5. (free dating site)
6. eHarmony (up one spot even with all of that TV advertising)
7. Adam4Adam (down one spot)
8. (not sure how they are still top 10)
10. (both #9 and #10 are now properties)

Not much has changed in the online dating landscape except that the People Media niche properties jumped up high on the list probably because of that great partnership with AOL Personals. Some of the other note worthy sites that just made it into the top 25 list were (#15 to #12), (#20 to #17) and the affair website at #24.

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Internet Dating Rankings – June/July 09

August 16th, 2009 · No Comments

Hitwise ~ 7/09

1. (free dating)
4. Yahoo Personals
5. (free dating)
6. Adam4Adam (gay personals)
9. Blackpeoplemeet (owned by Match)
10. (gay personals)
11. (owned by Match)
13. OkCupid (free dating)
14. Christian Mingle
15. ( premium dating)
16. (free dating)
19. Black Singles
20. (gay personals)
21. (owned by Match)
22. (live video dating)
24. (facebook app dating)
25. MSN Match (this should be added to

I am not sure why Hitwise isn’t tracking the Friendfinder network, Meetic and I wonder where, Lavalife and Jdate show up on this list.

Comscore ~ 6/09 / Unique Visitors

1. Singlesnet (3,428,000)
2. Yahoo Personals (3,159,000)
3. PlentyofFish (3,026,000)
4. Match (2,990,000)
5. TRUE (2,780,000)
6. People Media Sites (2,001,000) – BlackPeopleMeet,
7. eHarmony (1,678,000)
8. Spark Networks (1,368,000) – Jdate,
9. (1,301,000)
10. (721,000)

If you add People Media to Match then they would be around 4,991,000 uniques which put them on top. Match recently acquired People Media’s network of sites. I am surprised to see eHarmony so low on this list considering all of the money they spend on TV placements.

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Facebook Ad Matches Husband with Wife

July 20th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Facebook Ad Matches Husband with Wife

“Peter” in this case is the Facebook user logged in to his account. The woman in the “Hot Singles” ad is his own wife. This isn’t an ad directly served by Facebook, but rather one from a third-party ad network that operates within the social network. Facebook does however use member photos in ads. You’re automatically opted-in by Facebook. That’s right, you have to actually go into your settings to turn this off. Your face may have already been used to advertise any number of things to the people on your friends-list. You can opt-out of being featured in ads by following these steps below:

Sign-in to your Facebook account and click Settings -> Privacy Settings -> News Feed and Wall -> Facebook Ads -> Appearance in Facebook Ads drop-down and click “No One.”

Facebook Ads Privacy Settings

Online dating is one of the only verticals that seems to be working with Facebook advertising right now since you are able to filter out and target ads to users’ age, location, gender and whether they are married or single. In this case the advertiser didn’t mind advertising to married men since they do make up a good percentage of online dating site users anyways.

→ 2 CommentsTags: Dating Industry News Agrees To Buy People Media For $80 Million

July 7th, 2009 · No Comments

People Media Logo

IAC/ is buying into the niche groups subscription dating business with the acquisition of People Media from private equity firm American Capital Ltd. and various investors for $80 million in cash. The deal will add 27 dating sites with a combined 255,000 paying subcribers to the IAC (NSDQ: IACI) portfolio, including, (Latter Day Saints dating),,

People Media earned $11.6 million in 2008 before depreciation and amortization, while reported $9.9 million in operating income before amortization. Fourteen-year-old had some 5.8 million unique users in May, compared with nearly 4 million for People Media’s combined sites, according to comScore Media Metrix. Both have a portal deals in place: powers MSN & AOL Personals online dating in the U.S and other countries; People Media has a similar deal with AOL Personals niche dating communities. CEO Greg Blatt explains in the announcement that the combined company will continue to look for ways to play off the interest some people have in dating by demographics. Despite the disparities in the two businesses, Blatt expects to share product development and online marketing expertise and to market “a broader array of services” to the combined customer base. On area that isn’t mentioned: international expansion, which would seem likely given’s presence across in 24 countries and its overseas investment in European service Meetic.

The IAC has plenty of cash left: IAC Chairman and CEO Barry Diller has said he’s willing to spend on the right properties. The $80 million cash payment for People Media barely makes a dent in the nearly $2 billion on hand. That gives them more than enough reserves if they should decide to follow through on the Yahoo Personals acquisition that has been valued at about $500 million. Read the IAC formal press release: IAC’s to Acquire People Media from American Capital.

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Match to Buy Yahoo Personals

May 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

The InterActiveCorp says that it is in talks to buy Yahoo’s online-dating business, Yahoo Personals, after posting a first-quarter loss due to a dip in online advertising. IAC CEO Barry Diller said Wednesday his company was in discussions around acquiring the Yahoo Personals property, but he cautioned that it was too early to know whether the talks would amount to anything.

Yahoo Personals

“We would love to have Yahoo Personals, and there are discussions about that,” Mr. Diller said on a conference call. IAC owns rival dating site Yahoo management has thrown around the idea on whether to sell its dating site for several years. Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has expressed a new desire to sell-off products and services that aren’t core to its business.

Gene Munster, analyst at Piper Jaffray, said Yahoo Personals could be worth about $500 million, or three to four times an estimated $150 million in annual revenue for the unit.

This consolidation in the dating vertical would be huge leaving only one other top tier competitor, eHarmony left in the space. Sites like American Singles,, Mate1, and Lavalife would move up a notch as new acquisition prospects. I am surprised some of the portals and newspaper properties like McClatchy Company haven’t purchased their own Personals site since classifieds are such an integrated service to the papers. Most portal sites like, & all have personals channels where they partner with sites like and

I wonder how much overlap in subscriber base exists between and Yahoo Personals and whether they would merge the databases into one if Yahoo would then become Yahoo Personals powered by or be left as a stand alone brand. It would make sense to me that they merge the data and then allow the Yahoo base full access to additional Match members and vice versa. This could increase conversions on both properties and really allow to move further ahead of its major competition eHarmony. The acquisition could also be very beneficial for the brand that Match has struggled to grow and giving it a wider audience on Yahoo Personals would allow for a premium match-making service option.

-Brian R.

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eHarmony Advertising on MySpace

April 30th, 2009 · No Comments

I saw a flash ad for eHarmony running on Myspace today which I thought was a bit strange since I am listed as a 37-year old married man on Myspace. Is eHarmony doing a little monkey see monkey do with and just testing the waters with a run of site campaign? I find it interesting that eHarmony wouldn’t be running this campaign geo-targeted to single people in the 34-45 age group bracket. They should be running a campaign on Facebook because of the extensive targeting options that Facebook is able to offer.


eHarmony’s latest move with their creative seems to be targeting the main stream dating scene and not being so scientific in approach and more natural in their messaging. I just don’t get why they aren’t doing targeting when they can so easily. There are 12,211,940 people on Facebook that live in the US, over 18 and single. You can even drill down your target to different cities and education and have the option to pay on a CPC or CPM.


-Brian R.

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How to Handle a Break Up

April 20th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Handle a Break Up

Break ups are definitely no fun for both parties involved. One of the most important things for you to come the realization is being comfortable with yourself again and not having a dependency to just jump right back into another relationship until you have had enough alone time. You have to get your head cleared even if you are getting out of a relationship to be with another person. You should have enough respect for your last partner to settle your differences with them and let the wounds heal a bit before you just jump in head first to another one. People are always making this mistake and end up paying for it in the long run. I would recommend that you spend some time with your friends especially the ones that you might have pushed away when you were together with your last partner.

One of the other hard things for people after a break up is investing the time to learn about another person and getting back into the dating scene. I seriously recommend you spend a few weeks or months being single again and enjoying yourself, family and friends. Once you are comfortable with your status of being single you will see that you will have opportunities all around you to meet new people. You can try online dating if you are trying to meet someone outside of your immediate circle of friends or the bar scene if you want to keep it casual. Church is also a good place to meet singles if you are at all religious. If you are a guy then you might want to try some Salsa or Swing dance classes as there is usually about a 4-to-1 ratio of women to men. If you are a pet lover then there are tons of singles that walk their pets in dog parks and to dog friendly eateries. Pets can be an easy conversation ice breaker if you have any issues with approaching strangers. If you are into sports and outdoor activities then get involved in league play where there are big groups of players like softball, bowling or volleyball.

-Brian R.

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Online Dating Banner Archives

March 26th, 2009 · 1 Comment

I was just looking through some old files on my computer and came across some old online dating banners that I have collected over the years. Hope you enjoy how our industry has progress and digressed over the years. Do you remember when 468×60 was the standard banner size. Now we have geo-flash targeted banners and large interstitial overlay banners with expandable units.

This banner is classic. Look at the girl looking at her computer with the phone in her hand. Remember when their logo was a illustrated match: Banner

This was actually a banner with the faux drop downs. The CTR on these was ridiculous and then all of the publisher sites banned them since they weren’t functional HTML: Banner

This is a remake banner of the famous Romance Wizard black banner that had a really high click through rate and again didn’t work. Banner

I think this one went to a Russian mail order bride site. The finger in the teeth again is classic 2000 dating site imagery.
Free Pics Banner

Single? Lonely? Looking for a strange looking girl with John Lennon shades on? Tribute to the defunct website. Banner

This is some real direct messaging. Find a Date? Click Here! That about sums it up. I really thought that was going to make it back in the late 90’s. They signed a couple of bad business development deals and fell off the map. I think the Looksmart deal killed them. Remember that search engine/directory? Banner decided to just make a statement and say “uDate…the best matchmaking site there is!” The first thing I did when I started at uDate was improve the banners but could never get them to change the home page away from that dreadful purple we had. Banner

Find millions of eligible singles at I like when they started using “Go” instead of “Click Here” on their buttons for the call to action. I always thought that was funny for some reason. Ready…Go! Meet Someone Banner

If you have any other old classic dating banners laying around taking up 20k of space on your hard drives then send them my way so I can share. DIGG This Page

-Brian R.

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March 18th, 2009 · 1 Comment

The Dallas Morning News reported on March 10th, 2009 that dating web site settles a class action lawsuit for $1.5M. The Irving, Texas based internet dating site will pay $1.5 million in refunds to their customers that were still charged monthly membership fees after they canceled their memberships.

Under an agreement filed the previous week, will compensate customers who were incorrectly charged for services since 2003. Customers were incorrectly charged membership fees after canceling their accounts or after accidentally clicking on links, according to the federal lawsuit filed in the Northern District of Texas. The agreement still must be approved by U.S. District Judge David C. Godbey before the refund process can begin, said Jonathan Tycko, an attorney representing plaintiff Thomas Wong.

Thomas Wong filed the lawsuit in June 2007, claiming he was billed at least three times by after trying to cancel his membership. He claimed the company violated state and federal laws.

According to the settlement, must also revise its auto-subscription system to avoid future members from being accidentally charged. This is going to put a real hurt in their renewals and I am sure that we’ll be seeing less of this slutty advertising that they have been doing for the past 5 years.


Both parties will identify eligible former customers and refer them to a Web site for refunds. Those charged one month of membership would receive $35 and those charged for more than two months would receive $50, according to the court documents. Some members would also be given a free 45-day membership to the site.

Jonathan Tycko said at least 150,000 members are expected to get a cash or membership refund, but the number could grow once the agreement is finalized. Gary D. Eisenstat, an attorney representing, said the company believed it had a strong defense against Wong’s allegations, but decided it was more economical to settle the lawsuit. What kind of defense do you have against people that cancel their memberships and still get billed. That is called billing fraud and the adult industry has been notorious for this type of behavior and with CC payment systems already putting a ton of pressure on the dating industry with bad debt and charge backs I am surprised that they even still have their merchant account.

Give a try to see if you can cancel their membership and not be continuously billed each month. Ha.

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Are You Ready To Take It To The Next Level

March 17th, 2009 · No Comments


There comes a time in every relationship where you start wondering if the person you are with is the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with. There are some very important questions that you need to ask yourself which include compatibility, children, money, addiction, sexual fulfillment, family and fidelity.

How compatible are you with each other really? Do you see eye to eye on most issues and share enough interests where you won’t be alienating each other with hobbies that don’t relate. You have to make sure you don’t have persistent problems that you can’t seem to fix and that continue to irritate you.

One big problem in a lot of relationships is the timing of when you want to have kids. I have had a bunch of friends that have had major break-ups over this issue. You need to make sure you are aligned with when you want to start having kids so you don’t have one person ready and the other in a different mind state.

Money causes us enough emotional stress as is and once you put a relationship in the middle it can get pretty crazy. One thing to realize in a relationship is that you are going to have to give and take and sometimes times may be rough financially but to stay focused and if you lose a job or don’t think you are making enough money to keep your partner and yourself satisfied that in the end money isn’t that important. Just make sure that you are not living above your means and that you save whenever you can for rainy days.

Everyone has vices of some sort whether it be coffee, smoking or drinking but the important thing here is to make sure that they don’t consume you and that you are balanced with any addictions you might have. I love caffeine and sweets but I try to minimize my intake just because I know it isn’t healthy for me. If you have a partner that is addicted to some sort of drug and you are not comfortable with their use then you should seriously consider getting out of that relationship because once you take it to the next level things will only escalate more. If you are a non-smoker and your partner is a smoker and you want them to quit then you should work this out with them immediately if it really is a big issue for you. If you don’t mind then don’t bring it up and make them feel lower then you because they make this lifestyle decision. It can and will cause dissent in your relationship.

Sex is a much larger issue then most couples realize. Are you always the one wanting more attention and sex? If that is the case then you need to make your partner aware that you aren’t receiving the amount of love and affection and see if it is just that they are currently too busy with work and life or if they have a much lower sexual drive then you. You would be surprised to see that women actually crave sex just as much as men do but might not make it so apparent. Be sure to communicate your feelings so you don’t always feel like you are getting turned down when you want intimacy.

Some couples ignore or overlook the importance of having positive relations with your family and vice versa. Family is the ones that’ll be there when you get into arguments or break ups. They usually have a large effect on your actions since they know your personality the best and what is good for you when your thoughts might be clouded emotionally. If you plan on having kids then they are a great outlet for help in many various ways.

Fidelity is the big relationship breaker unfortunately. When you get hitched you are making a commitment to that person to be loyal, truthful and faithful to them. If you ever have thoughts of infidelity then you should either confront those feelings with a friend before you make the bad decision to act on them. If something your mate has done is making you feel this way then you need to get that issue sorted out quickly before you throw away everything you have built in your relationship. Cheating never ends with a good story. It’s that plain and simple.

-Brian R.

→ No CommentsTags: Romance Advice Sells European Presence to Meetic

February 25th, 2009 · No Comments

The InterActiveCorp (IAC) that owns and operates, signed a deal to sell off their European operations of which include to the French-based company Meetic for a 5 million euro note (about $6.3 million) along with a 27% interest in the Meetic online dating service company.

The IAC said that the Match European operation contributed about 13% of their operating income before amortization. That equals about $11.9 million of their overall unadjusted 2008 operating income of $91.3 million.

Meetic, which operates 10 online dating services in 15 European countries and Latin America, offers both online and mobile-phone based programs and has been a fast mover in online dating across the UK and Europe. is essentially licensing the brand for its European operations to Meetic, and Meetic will optimize the two brands on a market by market basis.

This deal basically puts an end to any competition in the UK dating market since Meetic has already acquired the other big contender and had through an older acquisition. It’ll be interesting to see how much money eHarmony wastes in the UK market this year trying to get a food hold of their US-based brand established. It is almost like Classmates trying to enter into the UK market and compete against It just won’t work.

-Brian R.

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