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What To Do On A First Date

October 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Ever felt jittery about going on your first date? Considering the fact that this can be the beginning of a wonderful relationship, it makes sense to spend some time to consider where best to go on your special first date. Plan an evening that gives you both the opportunity to know each other better in a comfortable & relaxed atmosphere. Impress your date with something different then a typical movie and dinner date. Here are a few great date ideas that we came up with that might or might not work depending on where you live and what entertainment you have access to.

1. Bingo – If you have a local bingo hall in your area at a church, community center or casino then Bingo is a pretty good time as it is a pretty social event where you can people watch, win money and prizes and interact with each other.

2. Ferry Ride – For those of you that live on a coast or next to a large body of water it is pretty fun to ride the ferry to a neighboring island just to explore your surroundings. This makes for good one on one conversation time with a scenic backdrop.

3. Amusement Park – If you are a young a heart person and want to be in an environment filled with action and activity where you can choose rides from bumber cars to scary roller coasters to see if your date has a stomach for extreme activities or not.

4. Bowling – This is definitely an oldie but goody activity where you can rent a lane, wear shoes that have been worn by 100’s of people and show off your skills or lack of them and embarrass yourself in public.

5. Bike Ride – This is a nice low impact sport. Many people have their own bikes. You can pick a meeting spot to start your ride like a lake or park that you can meander through. Don’t be a show off and just pace your ride so it is enjoyable and not competitive.

6. Volunteering – This is an activity that more people should be putting aside time to do. Volunteer yourself at a homeless or youth shelter with your date and see how they interact with strangers and youth. It is a good exercise to see their real personality.

7. Tour a local winery – This one is easy and highly popular for the socialite types. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine. The spirits will help you stay calm and might even open you up a little to the uncomfortableness of the first date. Just be sure to not over drink and make a spectacle of yourself.

8. Horseback ride – If you don’t live by a body of water then there is probably plenty of options for horseback riding on marked trails. I am a big fan of this

9. Hot Air Balloon ride – I have done this before and it was pretty scary for me but can be one of those bonding moments as you hug each other in fear.

10. Aquarium or Zoo visit – Everybody loves some kind of animals and fish are fun to watch swim about aimlessly. Both of these activities are interactive and easy conversation starters.

11. Farmers Market visit – Check out the great deals from your local farmers and merchants. If you don’t have a Farmers Market then visit a flea market or swap meet.

12. Comedy Improv show – This is an easy date idea. Stay away from the front row seats if you don’t want to be made fun of. They can usually pick out couples that are on a first date too.

13. Dinner Theater show – A little more exciting then your typical dinner. Dinner theater is a great entertainment dining experience.

14. Sporting Event – Are you both sport fanatics? Try a baseball, football or hockey match for your local professional team, college or high school.

Go ahead, get out and enjoy yourselves! Got another great first date idea? Post if below.

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