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March 26th, 2009 · 1 Comment

I was just looking through some old files on my computer and came across some old online dating banners that I have collected over the years. Hope you enjoy how our industry has progress and digressed over the years. Do you remember when 468×60 was the standard banner size. Now we have geo-flash targeted banners and large interstitial overlay banners with expandable units.

This banner is classic. Look at the girl looking at her computer with the phone in her hand. Remember when their logo was a illustrated match: Banner

This was actually a banner with the faux drop downs. The CTR on these was ridiculous and then all of the publisher sites banned them since they weren’t functional HTML: Banner

This is a remake banner of the famous Romance Wizard black banner that had a really high click through rate and again didn’t work. Banner

I think this one went to a Russian mail order bride site. The finger in the teeth again is classic 2000 dating site imagery.
Free Pics Banner

Single? Lonely? Looking for a strange looking girl with John Lennon shades on? Tribute to the defunct website. Banner

This is some real direct messaging. Find a Date? Click Here! That about sums it up. I really thought that was going to make it back in the late 90’s. They signed a couple of bad business development deals and fell off the map. I think the Looksmart deal killed them. Remember that search engine/directory? Banner decided to just make a statement and say “uDate…the best matchmaking site there is!” The first thing I did when I started at uDate was improve the banners but could never get them to change the home page away from that dreadful purple we had. Banner

Find millions of eligible singles at I like when they started using “Go” instead of “Click Here” on their buttons for the call to action. I always thought that was funny for some reason. Ready…Go! Meet Someone Banner

If you have any other old classic dating banners laying around taking up 20k of space on your hard drives then send them my way so I can share. DIGG This Page

-Brian R.

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  • 1 DouG Molidor // Apr 6, 2009 at 6:42 PM

    If you happen to have any of the True ads with video, could you post?

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