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Online Dating Cartoons

November 13th, 2007 · No Comments

Here is a collection of online dating cartoons that I have found over the years on different websites and papers.

I used to hate when people would talk to me with acroynms and abbreviations like IMHO (in my honest opinion) or RTFM (read the freakin manual). Here are some classics that you probably never heard of.

 Chat Room Cartoon

This is one that you are all afraid of when meeting a person that you met online for the first time. “I thought you said that you were blond and physically fit?”
Chat Cartoon

Have you ever had an online dating nightmare before? Online dating has changed a lot in recent years but back in 2002 it wasn’t something that people really talked about socially with their friends and lots of people were afraid to meet people they had met online in person.

Close to Home

Have you ever “Google’d” someone before? Some sites like say that they pre-screen their users but the only real way to do this is to run a full national criminal background check on a site like or

Google Dating

If you have any horror stories or find any cartoons that we can add to this collection then feel free to contact us and send them our way.

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