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Age Gap Relationships

January 27th, 2009 · 6 Comments

Relationship Age Gap

People are always wondering what is an acceptable age gap for relationships. Many couples are worried about how their friends and family will perceive their relationship if the age gap between them is too wide. My wife is 10 years younger then me but women tend to mature much faster then men in most cases so I don’t feel the age difference much. I am in my late 30’s now and when I was in my 20’s I dated women my age or maybe a few years younger. Some of the more important things that you should be focused on instead of any age differences is to make sure your motives and goals for your relationship are inline with each other. I didn’t date my wife because she was much younger then me, we had a lot of common interests and connected on an emotional level because of past life experiences.

If you are in your teens still and dating a man or woman much older then you then you just need to make sure that you are not doing it for the wrong reasons. If you are a younger woman and feel that an older man is more mature and gives you more stability in your relationship then there is probably not any problem with this type of relationship. One issue I have seen with relationships where there is a wide age gap is that typically (not all of the time though) the older person is in the mode or mind set to settle down and the younger person wants to go out and still explore. I have seen some of these situations turn into jealous relationships where the older person will try to command all of the time spent together and suffocate their partner and this can be unhealthy if that is not what the other person is wanting in the relationship.

In the end if you are in love with your partner and not their age then you will have a healthy relationship together and shouldn’t worry about any social criticisms that might occur. Hey, if they can do it in Hollywood and make it work with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher which both have a 16 year age gap then your friends and family should accept your relationship too. If you have a unique situation that you would like to share or get advice on post your comments below.

-Brian R.

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Ashley Madison Review (

January 27th, 2009 · 11 Comments

Click to visit

Cheating Wives Information

Site Name:
Established: 2001
Member Size: Over 12.7 million Members
Description: Ashley Madison is an online dating service and social network service marketed primarily to people who are already in a relationship

Site Review

The name Ashley Madison is a little deceiving and not so upfront and obvious as other cheating sites like Ashley Madison has been really strategic in their advertising targeting traveling married business men on in-flight magazines and with billboards in Times Square saying “Life is short, have an affair.”

It is free to join Ashley Madison but in order to contact other members you’ll have to purchase contact tokens at $49 for 100 tokens. Each contact costs five credits or about $2.75. One of the obvious downfalls to the service is because of the nature of the business targeting cheating husbands and wives you don’t see many photos on profiles.

Under the Affair Guarantee Program, if you don’t find someone within the initial 3 months after purchasing the “Affair Guarantee” Membership Package, we’ll refund you $249, being the amount you paid for participating in the Program. At the $249 price point this is obviously targeting business professionals that might be interested in extramarital affairs while traveling. Most of the other cheating dating sites seem to promote lonely and horny housewives where as Ashley Madison is very blunt about infidelity and sex on the side hookups.

There are several features that you can use on the site for free once you have signed up and are debating whether to upgrade and buy tokens. You can send pre-composed “Winks” to members for free. To send a wink, access the member’s profile details page and click “Send me a wink”.

Keep your personal pictures confidential with a Private Showcase key. If an admirer wants to see your photos you can send them a Key to view your Private Showcase and let them see more of you. To send a key, access the member’s profile details page and click “Send me a private key”. You may revoke keys at anytime by accessing the member’s profile detail page and clicking “Revoke the private key”.

The Search Tool is free which allows you to see who’s available online now. You can also block a member by accessing their Ad Profile details page, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “Block”. If you use credits to send a mail message to any member that becomes involuntarily suspended, they automatically refund those credits back to your account. That way, you can initiate contact with confidence. reports that the sign-up ratio between males and females are about 8.5 men for every 1.5 women. Another interesting statistic is that about one out of every 10 men actually purchases credits enabling them to contact female members, which bring the active ratio closer to 1:1.

If you are looking for Ashley Madison, AshleyMadison,, Ashely Madison, Asley Madison then you are probably looking for

Ashley Madison Address: 2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1906, P.O. Box 2313, Toronto, ON Canada M4P 1E4

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January 18th, 2009 · 1 Comment


Are you a second time a rounder with kids? Single parenting can be a difficult task when trying to get back into the dating scene while keeping your children safe and out of the picture until you are ready to introduce them to someone that you get serious with. We have found a great Baby Sitter matchmaking,, which also helps you find a nanny, senior care, pet care, a house sitter or a tutor for your child. also ensures your safety while helping you locate a babysitter with a four-step screening process to carefully guide you through the hiring process so that you can make the best decision to protect your loved ones.

Below is the four step process that SitterCity suggest you use for screening:

  • Step One: Read online reviews and ratings on a caregiver’s profile.
  • Step Two: Conduct in-person interviews with your favorite caregivers.
  • Step Three: Check a caregiver’s references which are also listed on the caregiver profiles.
  • Step Four: Run a background check. They are partnered with LexisNexis which is a leader in background checks.

To make the screening process even easier, Sittercity has tons of articles for care seekers, interview questions and tactics to ask the prospect sitter. The background checks are done with an easy-to-use tool that can get you a response in just minutes and allows you to preserve each others privacy with respect to personal information like Social Security numbers.

A standard background check includes an identity check that verifies the applicants legal name, current address, SSN, previouses addresses and any aliases. You can and should also conduct a national criminal search that checks records appearing in state and count criminal record databases, state sex offender registries and prison, parole and release files from state Department of Corrections.

It just takes a few minutes to sign-up to post a job notice to start your search for a babysitter. You will also have to confirm your own email address. You can sign-up for a 7-day free trial to the service and if you decide to upgrade to a full membership to continue using their services you will have access to post unlimited jobs across all care types, view full caregiver profiles and contact information, see caregivers’ background checks for free, run background checks on caregivers, view and contact caregivers’ references.

Below are the two full membership packages that offers:
Annual Membership: $7.99 month, no signup fee
$95.88 one-time payment billed now and good for a year

Monthly Membership: $9.99 month + $39.99 signup fee
$39.99 one-time payment billed for the first month, then $9.99 billed each month thereafter

Let Sitter City find you a trusted babysitter so you can take some time our for yourself so that you can find new romance in your life. There are thousands of single parents out there that are looking for relationships with serious minded singles. What are you waiting for?

If you are looking for SitterCity, Sitter City or then visit the official site at: Don’t forget to use this special promo code for 10% off: SCSAVE10

-Brian R.

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Writing a Creative Personal Ad

January 15th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Personal Ad

Writing an effective personal ad is a hard task for many people because you are writing about yourself which can seem a little vain but if you just apply a little effort, creativity and imagination you can create a story around all of your interests and personality traits. Below are a few sample profiles that we created based on fake people with specific interests and professions. Of course these were written by a professional copywriter but the most important thing to take from these profiles is the casual language and story telling structure. Keep your profile personal and talk about what you experienced in life, what you enjoy doing and what you are looking for in a partner.

Male, 36 – architect – likes eating out, sports and scary movies

I love my life. I love what I do. I love making the most out of opportunities and I want to share my life with a woman that feels the same way! I have a great sense of humor and need to be with a woman that can make me laugh; not only with jokes, but a few knee slappers definitely wouldn’t hurt your chances.

If you’re looking for a man that will try to win you over with bragging and possessions, you’re looking at the wrong profile. I’m an honest and modest guy who loves a night on the town at a fancy Italian restaurant, followed by a scary movie and a white cherry Slurpee!

I’m looking for a down-to-earth woman that is not afraid to try anything and everything, and is ready for whatever life throws at her. She must be prepared to laugh at everything – including herself and if she knows what a “first down” is, or what “off sides” means, she would be just what the doctor ordered.

Male, 27 – artist – likes kung fu, reading and music

Painting is my life… but don’t run away just yet! I make a good living and have a lot of free time to spend with my elusive better half.  I’m an easy-going, well mannered African American who, according to friends, is not too terribly rough on the eyes and does not need constant attention… I can certainly entertain myself eighty percent of the time but would enjoy a partner in crime for the other thirty percent. (Math was never my strong suite.)

When I’m not relaxing on my couch with a Douglas Noël Adams book, listening to my favorite Wu-tang album or painting a self proclaimed “masterpiece”, I’m usually eating sushi with close friends or renting a classic Bruce Lee film.

I’m a sucker for a woman that expresses herself through art, music or performance and if you can prepare a delicious, home-cooked feast (or at least know a good delivery joint), I’m yours forever! I’m looking for someone who doesn’t mind staying in more often than not but is not afraid to go out on occasion and let her hair down – someone who is well-read, optimistic, and has a good ear for music. Tell me about yourself…

Male, 30 – contractor – likes baseball, politics and children

I’m here with a positive attitude and I’m ready to meet new and interesting people with whom I can spend my free time. A long-term relationship could be nice, but I’m definitely looking for friendship for starters.

In the short span that I have walked the earth, I’ve done pretty much everything when it comes to employment and have won countless bets when people say they can guess a job I’ve never done at least once – currently, I the owner of my own contracting business where I build houses for a living and I love every minute of it. I have two wonderful boys, ages six and eleven; they are everything to me and anyone that I choose to be with must love children! Oh, and baseball, because we are obsessed with the New York Yankees and spend a great deal of our free time attending games during the season – and hopefully post season.  My family is very close and extremely important to me and I get along best with people who feel the same way.

The perfect woman, to me, would be someone that can have an informed discussion about local or national politics and is not afraid to disagree with me or play devil’s advocate from time to time, gets excited about great seats at Yankee Stadium, loves or even has children and wants to see where our relationship leads while letting it set its own pace… no rushing.

Male, 40 – software engineer – likes travelling, wine and fine art

I’ve been to the beautiful Savannah Desert of South Africa, the Indian Himalayans and the sandy beaches of Thailand. I’ve meditated in rain forests of Central America, inhaling the intoxicating scent of the flourishing vegetation just after the afternoon rainfall. I’ve sailed from San Diego to the Caribbean – but for all the paths I’ve traveled, ours have yet to cross.
Maybe I was facing the wrong direction in Germany, when I was cooking at a gourmet restaurant on the German Riviera and you strolled past? I looked for you in Spain, while I sat in a narrow alley café; dipping my churro into chocolate so thick it reminded me of a cup of pudding – bittersweet not just in taste, but in actual fact, because you weren’t there to share it with me… or were you? It’s not that my life isn’t full. Between family and friends, my work as a software engineer, my yoga classes, hiking and volunteering in my community, I’m happy in my life, especially giving service to others. Also, I consider myself a wine “connoisseur”, but what fun is great wine without you to share it with?

I see us hiking together, swimming, going to local art openings or museum, discovering out-of-the-way mom and pop cafes. We’ll probably be the last couple to leave, since we’re deep into a conversation not about people, but about ideas and philosophies. I’m loyal and sincere, and promise to treat you with courtesy and respect. If respect comes first, then true intimacy naturally follows. But consider yourself warned: I’m old-fashioned and will want to open doors for you! Since we’ll be discovering a whole new world together, I expect you’ll get your chance to open a door or two for me as well.

Male, 50 – Col. United States Army (ret.) – restoring classic cars, skydiving and water polo

After 20 exciting years serving my country as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal expert in the United States Army (I made things go boom), I’m ready to follow my dreams of restoring classic cars with a woman that will roll her sleeves up and jump right in there with me – I have a 1920’s Ford Model T that needs ‘our’ attention first, and our sense of adventure second. I’m a bit of a modern day Indiana Jones in that I rather enjoy discovering hidden waterfalls or undiscovered mountainous lakes and don’t shy away from things like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for fun.

I like to stay fit by working out a few times a week and would expect my partner to join me more often than not. Although I am an avid water polo enthusiast and a goalie on my gym team, I don’t expect you to jump in the pool with us; although it most definitely would not hurt your chances!

I’m looking to meet a woman that can show me a few things along the way – life is a journey and that is far from over and I know there is much more out there to see, learn, live and love! Why don’t you take a leap with me? Of course that’s a metaphoric leap, not the literal sense… as in, “out of a perfectly good airplane.” But that would be excellent as well!

Now don’t even think about copying one of these examples. Sit down and write your own personal ad and let that personality shine.

-Brian R. (profile examples written by Chris Cairns – copywriter extraordinaire.)

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Hitwise Internet Dating Rankings – 12/08

January 10th, 2009 · 2 Comments

The latest internet dating ranking have been published by and this list is looking more accurate on the top everytime I see it but very loose on the bottom. What happened to,, and I wonder if they track MSN Personals, AOL Personals, AT&T Dating and Earthlink Dating under along with their other brands and that still get traffic to them. also powers several portals like Dating and AOL Personals (that they share with This is the major flaw in the methodology of ranking sites like Hitwise, Nielson’s and Comscore. They don’t know enough about the industry they are reporting on and which properties own each other and which ones have partnership deals which most of their traffic comes from.

Here is the latest Top 25 Hitwise internet dating rankings list from 12/08:

  4. Yahoo Personals
  5. – gay club
  6. – free dating site
  7. – gay personals
  9. (People Media site)
  13. (formerly free dating)
  14. (Various, Inc / Friendfinder Network)
  15. (People Media site)
  18. (People Media site)
  19. Love and Seek (People Media site)
  20. Ashley Madison (Married affairs, not really dating)
  21. (Sparks Network)
  22. Forums (duplicate)
  23.  (People Media site)
  24. ( / IAC)
  25. (Sparks Network)

If you add up all of the Sparks Network property sites they would easily be top 5 along with People Data and their sites on this list. They forgot personals, and the rest of their sites and international sites like Meetic and that are much larger then half of the sites on this list above.

-Brian R.

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January 4th, 2009 · 14 Comments

We have been following this rumor now for about 6 months that was going to be launching a free dating service and we had one of their developers asking our members on how they found our site and other questions. Markus of Plenty of Fish announced the news yesterday with a blog post titled, Its official Abandons Paid Dating on his Paradigm Shift dating blog. I wouldn’t take it that far but the headline got me to read the post.

It was interesting to read other people’s reaction to the site launch. like other large businesses is just fighting for market share. That is all it boils down to. They aren’t afraid of free dating models as they know the quality is the concern and that people will usually start off on a free site then migrate to a membership based service and pay for 3-4 months. They are just trying to position themselves to capture more of these types of referral leads. Sites like, and (formerly think that they are competing with the big boys when they should be doing partnerships with them. If you watch how the free sites in the adult industry work with the premium pay sites then it would all make sense instead of using Google AdSense as your revenue stream. Businesses that rely on Google are getting lower valuations because you are relying on the big boys buying advertising on Google’s content or site targeted network. I am an online media buyer and I usually don’t buy on Google’s content network due to fraud and low quality traffic from domain parkers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this site doesn’t take off unless they are going to pour some serious marketing dollars into it. Dustin at spent a lot of money and time to get his traffic and SEO going. I think he was like 3 years invested when he started hitting critical mass. I don’t think Match has that much patience for this project to go gold. My prediction for 2009 isn’t that the free dating sites will be fighting the pay sites but that we are going to see some acquisition activity on the free dating sites by the big boys. I would like to see Markus get acquired but I don’t think he has a good grasp of what his site is actually worth as he keeps comparing it to Facebook and other social network acquisitions. Trust me POF is far, far away from anything related to FB. Trust me, I am grossly addicted to Facebook and can’t even stand being on the POF homepage but I love what Markus has done for the industry.

If you want to check out’s new free dating service it is called

The site is visually appealing and I love that they are focused on the US and Canada to stay away from scammers in Africa and Eastern Europe. Hopefully they have some good IP address detection and proxy server blocking software built into the site.

-Brian R.

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January 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

Click Here To Visit Information

Site Name:
Established: August, 2001
Member Size: 3+ Million Members – UK Based Dating
Description: DatetheUK is the UK’s online singles meeting place.
Special Features: Chat – Who’s Online – Talk Live – Video Chat – Send SMS – Voice Mail – Block Members – Singles Events – Dating Stories – Saved Searches – Rating – Singles Forums – Dating Blogs – Flirt History Site Review:

DatetheUK is a leader in the UK online dating market and has been custom built to service UK singles with many cool features not found on other top and premium dating services. They have a very simple and quick sign-up process to get you online in just a few minutes searching their huge database of photo personals. You can continue to build your profile at your leisure adding photos from your mobile phone and filling our your personality questionaire. The site features live chat and online flirting, secure email services as well as a comprehensive free dating search and match process. Their postcode based singles search lets you find other people for dating within a few miles of you. Date the UK has been developed based on the feedback of a group of UK online dating services customers. Date the UK continues to listen to customer feedback in order to build the premier UK dating agency and add new features and functions to help you find dates in the UK.

Like with any other dating service, the more information you provide in your dating profile the more likely that someone will find you. Include your postcode (which will always be hidden to other members) to use the UK location search for sure otherwise you’ll be buried in their database. I found that their was a very high percentage of members that had posted one or more photos on the site. A photo personal increases your chances of response by up to 8-10 times. If you are feeling shy about putting up a picture then you can flag your photo only to appear for friends and then you chose who gets to see your pictures. This is a great feature that has been adopted from other popular social networking sites but that you don’t generally see on a dating site.

Searching singles databases can be tricky because most of them are top down searches and put photo members first and you end up thumbing through old and new profiles all the time. Date the UK allows your search results to be displayed with the most recent visitors to Date the UK first and you can also search to find people who are online dating now or members who have recently joined the site.

Summary of

Along with all of the great features that Date the UK has integrated into the site they have their own matching technology called “Search Plus” which allows you to find dates and rank them according to the profile criteria that matters to you. The online chat service feature is great and makes it easy for you to see who is online so you can engage in chat and setup a quick date for the evening.

You can use your mobile phone to pay for your dating membership by selecting ‘Pay by Mobile Phone’ in the ‘Make Payment’ page. You can also SMS chat with other members using your phone. Another cool feature is to search speed dating events in your area that are powered by Premium memberships are available in Gold and Platinum options with different features attached to each. You can pay by credit card, Direct Debit, Mobile Phone or by cheque or postal order. One other cool payment add-on feature I thought was really cool was that you can pay £3 more per month and allow a standard member email you with no cost to them or you can make your profile stand out more for the same cost and they will highlight your profile when you appear in search results and will make sure you’re at the top. Subscription Plans:

Gold Membership Plans
1 Month = £19.99 – less than £0.67 a day
3 Months = £34.99, less than £0.39 a day
6 Months = £44.99, less than £0.25 a day
1 Year = £69.99, less than £0.2 a day

Platinum Membership Plans
1 Month = £24.99 – less than £0.84 a day
3 Months = £39.99, less than £0.45 a day
6 Months = £54.99, less than £0.31 a day – Love Guarantee
1 Year = £74.99, less than £0.21 a day

The Love Guarantee – Buy the 6 month platinum membership and they will give you a free Love Guarantee; if you are not in a happy relationship within 6 months they will extend your full membership for another 180 days! If at the end of the year, you still haven’t found what you are looking for, we’ll simply extend it again, for another 6 months! This is a cast-iron, rock solid guarantee. No questions will be asked; you won’t have to fill in any forms and there are no catches. All that they ask is that you tell them by email that you want it extended – any time during 6 months of your membership. They’ll do it there and then, no hassle.

Platinum Membership Benefits:

  • Technical support within 12 HOURS.
  • Send and receive email via our secure system. UNLIMITED.
  • Chat for hours with other members. UNLIMITED.
  • Upload your photo and check others out. UNLIMITED.
  • Go back to previous emails at any time. Available for 1 year.

Gold Membership Benefits:

  • Technical support within 24 HOURS.
  • Send and receive email via our secure system 50 mails per day.
  • Chat with other members. 50 chat sessions per day.
  • Upload your photo and check others out. Maximum of 5 photos
  • Go back to previous emails at any time. Available for 60 days. is a registered and secured VeriSign site and McAfee Secured.

Company Information: is a privately held company operated by EasyDate with their main offices in Edinburgh, UK. Find serious relationships, friends or hook-ups at DatetheUK today.

EasyDate (DTUK)
PO Box 23777
Edinburgh EH3 7XY
Tel: 44 (0) 870 626 0581
customer service email:

If you are looking for datetheuk, date the uk or datingtheuk the UK online dating and relationships site you are most likely looking for is

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ooVoo Webcam Meetings

December 30th, 2008 · 1 Comment

ooVoo Webcam Meeting Software

ooVoo Webcam Meeting Software

I just came across this slick group video chat application called You can have webcam meetings with up to 6 people with high resolution video. I wonder if a dating service will integrate a feature or application like this for meeting rooms or virtual speed dating. There hasn’t been an application in online dating that has been revolutionary for years outside of sophisticated matching algorithms that usually send you bad matches 90% of the time.

ooVoo also allows you to record your video chats, send video messages, add video effects, call your non-ooVoo friends with their VOIP technology, send files, text chat and find friends. If I was a large online dating brand I would be knocking down their doors to acquire this business.

I have heard that students use the application for group study and since you can send files to people your homework and notes can be shared. When you make phone calls a neat record of your calls is listed, though Skype’s history tab in the contact window is a little more convenient. ooVoo lets you easily use your webcam to replace the placeholder avatar with your own face. Transferring files in ooVoo is easy and when you receive new files, they arrive with very clear and helpful dialog. You can create a Video Message in Oovoo as simple as hitting the red Record button. I am not sure how they intend on monetizing the application as it seems to still be in beta right now but they do have a webcam store with some good quality cam links so you can upgrade your video experience and quality. The application is available for both PC and Mac users which is also a huge plus for them.

I have partners in two different cities and we just might give this a shot since Skype didn’t turn out to be a easy enough solution for us all. My Mac came equipped with a webcam so I am all ready to go.

ooVoo Download

-Brian R.

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FriendFinder Networks IPO

December 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments

FriendFinder Networks Inc, an owner of niche dating websites and publisher of the adult men’s magazine Penthouse, filed for a $460 million IPO. FriendFinder has plans to use the proceeds of its IPO primarily to pay off debt, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Penthouse Media Group, a Florida-based company bought FriendFinder, Inc in December of 2007 for $500 million in an effort to gain a leading position in the online adult market with FriendFinder’s property. According to the regulatory filing, FriendFinder’s net income between Jan. 1 to Dec. 6, 2007, was $48.6 million, but down 20.5% from the full year in 2006. FriendFinder had seen a lot of new competition in the adult dating space with competitors like and coming on the scene and growing quickly. In July this year, Penthouse Media Group changed its name to FriendFinder Networks Inc. in getting ready for the initial public offering. This is an amazing story considering how many people over the years have said that would never be able to sell or be acquired because of its association with the adult industry. To top that off they are even going public. I will be quick to pick up some “FFN” stock as I know that sex sells and we have been an affiliate of AFF for years.

FriendFinder has close to 1 million paying subscribers to the adult sites, paying an average of $19 per month, and 78,000 paying members to its general sites, paying an average of $16 per month. Most of the revenue comes from the paid subscribers as dating sites typically don’t have outside advertising on them because of conversion dilution concerns. 44% of the FF revenue comes from their affiliate program which is where the risk factor comes in as the competitive programs have been really aggressive with payouts to try to take some of this market of adult webmasters.

Andrew Conru, former CEO of FriendFinder, Inc.,, Inc. and Various, Inc. will finally get his well deserved payday in the industry. He started in the dating industry in the mid 90’s with one if not the first dating site, He sold the property in 1995 and started over again with His dating empire grew to about 27 different niche dating and social networking properties under the company Various. Conru was always reinventing the industry and testing new verticals and had niche sites like, and According to the SEC documents that FriendFinder filed, Andrew Conru might still be on the payroll as an Independent Contractor. It must be strange being a contractor for a business that you built and owned but very rewarding to watch it go public on the NYSE.

-Brian R.

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Military Dating Services

December 21st, 2008 · No Comments

There are tons of single Military personnel in all branches of the armed services including the Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy. Single enlisted men and women sometimes have a hard time dating since there call of duty usually keeps them busy traveling or defending our country.

Military admirers have become increasingly popular with support of our troops overseas. With this recent rise in popularity, niche military dating sites have been on the rise as well and civilian and military singles are connecting through email correspondence and chat on these sites.

Dating a person in the service can be a difficult but rewarding experience. I was raised as a military brat and my father was in the Army for 20+ years which allowed me to travel extensively in Europe and all across the US. I lived in small German towns and learned the native language and culture. I have a good friend who is in the Navy and has gotten the opportunity to travel all through the South Pacific. If you are a single civilian or a service personnel and interested in dating men and women that are admirers of the military then you should give one of these sites a try below:

Military Singles – Recommended.
Military Love Links
Military Friends
Uniform Dating – UK Military Dating
Military Singles Connection

-Brian R.

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December 17th, 2008 · No Comments

Click here to Visit Information

Member Size: 23,000 members
Description: is an online dating and relationship site for Korean singles.

Site Review

I recently came across this Korean dating service from a post on Online Personals Watch and it looks like matchmaking is booming big time in South Korea even with the global economic crisis we are facing.

Young Korean singles are rushing into marriage and women without jobs are finding financial security in married life. has seen the number of visitors jump to 35,000 in the second week of November 2008 from 23,800 in the first week of September 2008. Another leading Korean matchmaker service, Sunoo, experienced a two-fold increase over the same period. Wedian reported a whopping eight-time surge over a month starting October 22, 2008. Many Korean parents have signed up for the services because they want to get their children married off while fathers are still in work.

South Korea was hit by the East Asian financial crisis in 1997-1998. I was visiting Korea with my mother at this time who is from Korea and the country was in turmoil and the same concerns were expressed by parents to find financial stability in their children’s lives. In South Korea, it is customary for guests to bring envelopes of cash to marriages to help finance the costly event. The names of the contributors are carefully recorded to return the favor on similar occasions. Koreans have held the tradition of matchmaking for centuries and is still widespread culturally througout Korea, especially in the upper class.

Wealth and social status of the families involved, the occupations of grooms and brides and even their physical appearances are weighed carefully by traditional matchmaking agencies before they arrange meetings with the families.

The DUO website was established in February, 1995 under the slogan of “Creating a new matchmaking culture” and invested in preparing marketing research for six months and building a database system for one and a half years.

In the initial stage of company’s existence, it was difficult for them to break through preconceived ideas of the general public because of negative images about matchmaker and marriage agencies. DUO has since earned the public trust by concentrating on their concept and distinction of a marriage information service.

DUO has held a top position in the Korean dating industry in size/scale, public confidence, and customer service and has a database size over 40,000 members. They conduct strict and thorough pre-screening based on 150 categorized data points with nationwide networking. They even have an extended member connection with the US through the LA Korean community.

DUO also has built several connecting services into their matchmaking portfolio with a service for people that have been married and divorced and are back in the dating scene and a site that helps you plan your wedding once you have found a partner. – for the second time around singles with relationship advice and tips. – Wedding Planning site once you have met your soulmate.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they extended their service to Japan which has a lot of cultural similarities. If you are an American that is interested in Korean men or women then you should learn how to read Korean before using the site as it is very ethno-centric for Korean users only.

How much does it cost to be a DUO member? Get ready for this one…They have a membership called “First Marriage” that costs you $1,500 for 8 meetings, profiles offered unlimited and if you have positive feedback then 2 bonus meetings.

Related Article on Korean Matchmaking:
Korean matchmaking tradition goes high-tech

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Dating in a Down Economy

December 11th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Bar Scene Dating is Out.

Bar Scene Dating is Out.

Is love and romance tied to the economy? Many would think that a dating service membership may be considered a service that you buy into if you have discretionary income but Reuter’s reported recently in an article “Falling stock markets spur searches for love online” that a list of web sites have reported increased activity since the economic crisis hit in September, 2008. People are looking for a companion during these rough times and are saving money on the traditional dating scene of meeting in bars and have headed to the internet in search of their partners instead.

I guess it is nice to have a partner with you for comfort when times get a little tough. People are understanding this need and while they can’t control the factors of the economy they can take charge of their personal lives. reported that it had experienced its largest membership increase in the last 7 years in the month of November. said that it saw a 47% increase in the number of members in the 3 months to November, 2008 as compared to the previous 3 months. Is online dating an recession proof business? All of this data seems to be supporting that theory and it sort of makes sense that if people aren’t going out as much and using traditional methods of meeting people that they will most likely be spending more time on their computers looking for love online instead.

One of these dating companies should do an “Economic Love Stimulus” package promotion and discount their membership for a week or so. Thomas Enraght-Moony, CEO of says “During these trying times, people are looking for hope in their inbox.”

I know that the winter season generally makes people feel lonely if they don’t have a date to bring to all of the holiday parties and family gatherings. You also have the anxiety of the New Years celebration where you want to bring in the new year with someone special. Of course the greeting card companies coming knocking right after with Valentine’s Day. It is so hard to be just single and happy anymore and know we got the economy pressuring us too. Wow. Quit saving your hard earned money and go buy a dating membership or you can just cancel your Netflix account and quit sitting at home watching movies by yourself.

added: LA Times article: No recession for online dating sites. – 12/28/08

-Brian R.

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How to End a Bad Date

December 5th, 2008 · No Comments

How to End a Bad Date

How to End a Bad Date

Have you ever found yourself on a first date that is just horrible? You can’t seem to connect on any level or the conversation and energy in the room is making you very uncomfortable. You just want to end this date as soon as possible but don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. Is there a way to do it pleasantly? Usually not.

I have found that the best way to keep the others persons feelings intact and to not cause any scene is to be very honest and direct so that you aren’t misleading or making up any excuses to end the date.

Here are a few suggestions for weary daters:

  • Let them know that they don’t seem to be the type of person that you are looking for.
  • If you want to be more casual about it let them know that you think that you both could find someone who is more compatible with each other and how hard that has been for you.
  • Tell them simply that you don’t think that this is going to work and that you don’t want to waste their time and they should appreciate your honesty.

What do you do after you have this uncomfortable conversation? It is usually good to just part ways and to leave separately. Call a cab or a friend to come pick you up if you both came together. It’ll just make the situation more comfortable faster by doing this.

If the date is going bad right from the start and you are catching negative vibes then I suggest you just cut things short and both of you will be able to walk away with minor bruises. I think that most daters can appreciate the honesty over being lead on or left confused or wondering.

I usually recommend keeping your fist dates very casual in public settings so that if anything goes wrong it makes for an easier exit. Coffee shop dates or luncheons are great first dates for this exact reason. You can slip out and be done with the nightmare before it scars you from the dating scene. Happy dating and remember to be direct and honest.

-Brian R.

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Interracial Romance

December 1st, 2008 · 4 Comments

Interracial dating is no longer uncommon what with a growing acceptance and respect for different cultures and ethnicities. In fact, more and more singles are broadening their horizons and looking towards interracial dating when it comes to finding someone special. To cater to such individuals, a number of interracial dating services have sprung up that offer singles the opportunity to create their profile and search for prospective matches. These websites not only provide a large choice but also make it possible to search for singles of a different race who may be located locally in your area. What’s more, you can even chat with other singles and get to know more about them by visiting specific chat rooms for interracial relationships. Here are a couple of interractial dating services that you can join and visit:

Interracial Romance – Recommended.
Black and White Singles
All Interracial Dating – powered by TangoWire
Interracial Dating Central

Let us know how your experience goes with these sites or how you have handled interracial dating issues.

-Brian R.

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Ending the Relationship

November 28th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Ending the Relationship

Ending the Relationship

A relationship can be successful when both individuals involved are happy and satisfied with the way things are going. If you are sure that you do not want to continue and want out, prepare yourself to break the news to your partner. This is not going to be easy for the other person no matter how convinced you are that it is entirely their fault.

  • Meet in person: Do not discuss this over the phone / email or chat. Instead, meet them personally to talk about how you feel.
  • Be calm: Make sure that you are calm and composed while talking about a break-up.
  • Do not blame the other person entirely: Share the responsibility when you tell them why you feel that relationship is not working.

Also, make sure that your talk does not end abruptly or on a harsh note. It is always better to maintain friendships after breakups as you most likely will see each other again socially or might even get back together on different terms. Sometimes that timing is just not right and your priorities might not be in sync with your partner. No one is really to blame in this case. Being open and honest about the situation is a good thing and you’ll usually see it reciprocated.

If you have just broken up and ended a relationship with someone then take a little time to analyze what went wrong so that you don’t just go out on a rebound and get into the same mess again. This is probably one of the biggest relationship blunders: The Rebound. Everyone needs a little time for healing even if the relationship wasn’t a long or intense one. You might think that you are ready to be back in the relationship game but you need to also factor in or consider whether your ex has gotten over you so that you don’t hurt someone elses feelings because of your own selfessness.

-Brian R.

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eHarmony Gay Dating Service (Compatible Partners)

November 25th, 2008 · 1 Comment

On Nov 19, Reuters reported that the online dating service eHarmony agreed to create a new website for gays and lesbians as part of a settlement with a gay man in New Jersey, says the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General.

The new website named Compatible Partners will provide a dating service with “male seeking a male” or “female seeking a female” options. The site will be launched by March 31st. The settlement was the result of a discrimination complaint filed by Eric McKinley against eHarmony in 2005, which will be dismissed under the settlement agreement. The New Jersey complaint is not the only legal action to be brought against eHarmony for failing to provide a same-sex option.

In March, lawyers in California brought a lawsuit against the company on behalf of San Francisco resident Linda Carlson, who was denied access to eHarmony because she is gay. eHarmony was founded by evangelical Christian Dr. Neil Clark Warren and had ties with the influential religious conservative group Focus on the Family. Since eHarmony has taken on the $110 million investment from two Silicon Valley venture capital firms, Sequoia Capital and Technology Crossover Ventures, there marketing has become a little more main stream and hopefully this law suit will open up the companies views on servicing the gay and religious singles communities. has grown to a top dating service with it’s focus on TV commercial spots and partnerships with large portals like AOL Personals and Dating. Have you had a positive or negative experience with eHarmony? Post your comments below.

Sign-up to be notified when the site goes live: Compatible Partners

-Brian R.

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Are You Keeping Your Partner Satisfied?

November 20th, 2008 · No Comments

I Love Me

I Love Me

Satisfaction in a relationship can take several forms – physical, emotional and mental. As a relationship matures, companionship becomes important as well. Whether it is a husband-wife relationship or that of a boyfriend-girlfriend, for it to be successful, both partners must be receptive to each others’ needs and desires. If you want to keep your partner satisfied, start by being there for him/her while understanding just when they might need some personal space as well. Share your partner’s interests and be there to listen when he/she needs a good listener. Surprise your partner once in a while by sending a bouquet of fresh roses, planning a weekend away or simply cooking a nice meal.

We can all get caught up in the rat race sometimes and when you get home from work it is easy to tune out and just shut down. Try to leave your work problems at work so you can come home with an open mind. If you or your spouse are at home taking care of the children then keep in mind that as much as you just want to just pass them off to them when they get home that they need a little time to adjust back to home life and this could be the cause of unneeded stress at home. If you have family that lives close by and that can watch your children then be sure to reach out to them to give your and your loved one a little personal space. Hire a sitter if they are old enough and plan out date nights. Everyone needs a break from the daily routines that we are engulfed in. Make sure you make these plans and cherish that time spend alone together.

We all have different expectations with our physical needs. Make sure that you and your partner talk about these needs so you have a mutual understanding. It is always nice to have a balance with your partners sexual needs so that you or your partner doesn’t become frustrated. You don’t necessarily want to plan out and calendar your ‘love-making’ but you should have a general understanding of whether you are not spending enough intimate time with each other.

-Brian R.

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How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship

November 12th, 2008 · Comments Off on How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship

During these times of growing pressures, responsibilities and stress, maintaining a successful relationship is not always easy. And when distance comes in between, the situation gets even more complex. However, if both of you are committed to one another, you can not only make your long distance relationship work but even make it grow with time.

• Communicate With Each Other Daily: Call, email or voice chat.
• Keep Him / Her Informed: Talk to your partner about your successes and failures, no matter how insignificant they may be.
• Meet as Often as Possible: Spend quality time with one another whenever possible.
• Surprise One Another: Cards, flowers, gifts and love letters can help you to keep the romance alive and make every day special.
• Get a webcam so you can chat with each other online with video. It’s always nice to see someone’s face when you miss them.
• Make sure you schedule out the dates that you are expecting to do visits with each other. This helps reduce anxiety and worry about whether either of you are making any effort to see one another.

Good luck with you long distance relationship and hopefully it is only for a short term and that one of you will make the commitment to move closer so that you can remove the distance gap that might be creating any pressure on the relationship. If your partner is in the military and that is what is causing the long-distance relationship then make sure you keep yourself busy by surrounding yourself with other people that might be in the same situation as yourself. Don’t go out hitting the bars thinking that your partner might be doing the same thing. Stay focused on your relationship and be patient with the prospect of when they will be returning home.

-Brian R.

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November 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

Match had announced back on February 27th that it acquired two dating services: in China and in France as part of its international expansion. This added another 4 million people to their global database along with some additional revenue. They have changed very little since the acquisition and have basically left the two communities to continue to grow in their markets.

Netclub’s parent company at the time, Trader Classified Media, acquired back in 2003 giving it a nice foothold in the French Canadian market. Netclub was actually started back in 1997 as a free dating service in France and the service is still 100% free for women and men have to pay 5.00 € for a Gold VIP monthly membership. They have over 4 million personal ads on their site and continue to grow in both Canada and France and have added English to their site. I joined and the sign-up form hadn’t been internationalized for US yet and the date of birth fields were still in European format and the “Area” and “State” fields were backwards. It also didn’t have Seattle listed as a city for Washington but instead “King” for the county that I live in. Either way I sorted through the form and the process was lightening quick. It didn’t even have my verify my email address or ask any other profile questions. I didn’t see much activity or profiles that were in the US but if you are looking for French Canadians or French speaking people in general the database was huge. operates 35 country sites in 15 different languages. is probably a top 3 French dating site depending on which website measurement tool you look at and while they are not 100% free the cost of entry is low and the quality seems to still be there. According to JupiterResearch, European online dating is expected to grow 30% this next year.

I have heard rumors that is looking to launch a free dating service in the US market. I wonder if they will use the same model as Netclub since it seems to be working well for them. The only issue they will encounter is seeding the database in an already busy marketplace for free dating. This might mean acquiring a site like PlentyofFish, Justsayhi, or DateHookup.

-Brian R.

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October 31st, 2008 · 9 Comments

Click here to visit Information

Site Name:
Member Size: 877,00 Members
Description: DateHookup is a free dating site for singles.

Site Review

There are plenty of free dating services online now with the introduction of social networks a few years back and the low barrier of entrance on building web dating application software. Most of the free dating services are run as “Mom & Pop” shop type sites and typically you’ll see the software developer also doing the graphics for the site as well as answering all of the customer service inquiries. is owned and operated by an acquaintance of mine in the industry, Dustin W. He runs the website out of Sacramento, CA and manages a few other properties outside of online dating as well. It is pretty impressive that he has built this dating community and software with very limited resources and it has become a top 5,000 site that reaches over 877,000 U.S. monthly people according to The site is popular among a 35-49, slightly male slanted following. I have seen a few reviews where people have posted negative comments about his service saying that it was ridden with spammers and that he ignored customer service emails, etc. Well, this is one of the pitfalls of using a free dating service online. They are usually a 1-2 person operation so you can’t really blame them for anything when they are working around the clock to keep the spam out and trust me the Nigerian spammers are aggressive and dealing with people logging in from proxy’s around the world and copying profiles from other dating site can get tedious to police especially when they know your service is free to use for sending users messages. The best bet is to keep your guard up when getting contacted by someone on a free dating service and to make sure you never fall for the send me gifts and money scams ever. Ask for multiple photos of the person to ensure they are who they say they are. You can even ask them to take a picture with a sign that has your name on it if you are at all suspicious of a scammer. has a great dating forum community that is pretty active but you’ll need to sift your way through some of the garbage topics that people talk about. It can get a little smutty at times but aren’t all bulletin boards like that. Dustin usually has about 8,000 – 10,000 singles online at any given time and the site is very easy to use and search for singles in your area by proximity and age.

Like all free dating sites, he makes money on his advertising with Google AdSense and with other premium dating services. He does really well with the search engines for organic results (non-paid) and also buys keyword advertising on sites like Google, Yahoo and MSN. This helps keep his community very active so you can always be assured that new members are joining daily.

Date Hookup is a great place to start your online dating adventure and explore how dating sites work and how to maximize your experience on them. I see that many people use free dating services as a stepping stone before they join and pay for the premium dating sites like:,, eHarmony and Lavalife.

If you are looking for other recommended free dating services then give these a try as well:,,, and

Looking for DateHookup,, date hookup, date hook up or Visit official website.

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Personality Tests. Do They Work?

October 29th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Many singles seek their perfect match on online dating websites and will even take the time to fill out extensive questionnaires and personality tests in their quest to meet that someone special. While there are conflicting views about whether these kinds of tests really work or not, most individuals do not mind taking them.

The basic concept behind these personality tests is to show how compatible a person may be with another, based on their individual rankings. While there are chances that you will be able to find people with whom you interests match, there is also the possibility that these matches may not be perfect. Hence, it is recommended to keep your eyes open for all possible matches – you never know when cupid may strike.

Most of the sites that have personality matching tests will also allow you to search their database by age and demographic location in case you are not getting a huge number of matches based off of the personality quiz results.

Some reputable online dating and relationship services that use personality and compatibility tests as part of their offering are:,, and

Take the time to fill out the personality quiz questions correctly so that you are properly matched to people that are compatible with you and not randomly matched. If you do not have the time to fill out the entire questionnaires that some of the sites ask then you can usually skip through the process but you’ll need to return at a later time to finish it so that you can properly use their site and system.

There has been great success in using these sites with thousands of marriage success stories. If you are looking for a serious relationship then you should create a profile on one of the above trusted sites. Share your success stories with us below in the comments area.

-Brian R.

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Keeping Your Relationship Fresh

October 27th, 2008 · 2 Comments

A lot of married couples and those dating each other find it hard to keep the fire alive in their relationship. Here are some simple tips for keeping your relationship fresh:

  • Be unpredictable from time to time – Make a hotel reservation and ask your spouse to join you for a overnight stay and romantic dinner.
  • If you are facing a difficult phase in your relationship, remind yourself and your spouse what brought you two together in the first place.
  • Surprise your girlfriend by sending her a beautiful bouquet of red roses and not just for holiday’s like Valentine’s Day or her birthday.
  • Go for a romantic walk in a local park, beach or lake if you live close to one.
  • Take up common hobbies & indulge in adventure activities together such as water skiing, rock climbing or sky diving.
  • Whisk him/her away on a cozy picnic or a short holiday trip.
  • Ask them where their dream vacation would be, get the time off from work and plan the vacation and include them in the details of the trip.
  • Go on a romantic cruise. There are many cruise liner companies that specialize in various types of cruises for couples. This can be a nice trip to spend one on one time with each other in a nice relaxing environment.

If you have any other fun ideas that you have done that really surprised your loved one and helped put the fire back in your romance then post them here.

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Online Dating vs. The Bar Scene

October 23rd, 2008 · Comments Off on Online Dating vs. The Bar Scene

Most single working professionals are finding it hard to take out quality time to look for the right person to go out with. In such a scenario, the two most common options for finding a prospective date include trying to meet someone in a bar or nightclub or joining an online dating service.

Though there are conflicting views about which is better, what applies to both these dating options is the need to take precautions in order to maintain safety. Most online dating websites allow you to keep your personal details private and maintain anonymity. On the other hand, while meeting in a bar, you must be careful about who you speak to and interact with.

I met my wife at a concert in a nightclub venue so I got lucky but a lot of my friends have met people online through social network websites and dating sites like, Yahoo Personals and eHarmony. Online dating has become very mainstream and you will often hear people sitting at a table next to you at lunch talking about how they went on a date with someone that they met online. Match and eHarmony have been pretty instrumental in bringing it to a mature mainstream audience with television commercials. Many talk shows have had segments with online dating sites like Perfectmatch which was featured on Dr. Phil. These sites usually have a dating and relationship coach like Dr. Pepper Schwartz for Perfectmatch and Dr. Helen Fisher for They have helped create the personality compatibility tests that you see in the sign-up process.

People that are very social will probably continue to frequent the bar scene but you’ll be surprised how many of those people are also dating online. Many singles in their early 20’s don’t think that they need to use an online dating service and that there is just a bunch of older people on them. The reverse is true, the technologies on online dating sites have been setup to allow people full control over their preferences including age, sexual preference, smokers, drinkers, ethnicity, location, etc.

At the end of the day, it is your personal choice that really matters so go out and date and find that special someone.

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October 22nd, 2008 · 2 Comments

Click Here To Join Meetic for Free Information

Site Name:
Established: 2001
Member Size: 13.9 Million Registered Members
Description: International dating service with personality matching and free search technology.
Special Features: SMS Photo Uploads – Email Message Center – Video Intro – 2-Way Matching – MeeticMessenger – Video Call – Online Help – Local Search – Members Online

Meetic Website Review:

The international dating website has been around since 2001 and offers those singles who are looking for love an opportunity to search for other singles in an attempt to find their ideal match. Meetic comes across as well laid out and offer singles the opportunity to create their personal profiles by signing up and becoming a member of the Meetic singles community. In order to sign up, you need to fill out details such as your username, password, email address, your age bracket, birthday as well as residing country. Once you are a member, you can log on to the MeeticMessenger and chat with other singles in real time. Another additional feature is the ability to make video calls so that you can see who you are chatting with through your webcam.

Summary Of Meetic:

Meetic was orginally a European based dating site but their membership has grown worldwide through acquisitions and by launching other foreign language sites in Spanish, French, Italian and German. You can also access these communities by their country domains:,,,, and The site is relatively easy to navigate around and search for singles in your area or around the world. The sign-up process is fast and painless with a bunch of general drop down questions and some questions on your physical description, your personality and lifestyle activities and habits. You can also fill out a questionnaire about what you are seeking in your potential mate so their system can match you up with single prospect members.

Meetic’s Membership Plans:

6-month Meetic-Pass: $ 19.99/month (Billed in one payment of $119.94) – 50% off
3-month Meetic-Pass: $ 26.99/month (Billed in one payment of $80.97) – 33% off
1-month Meetic-Pass: $ 39.99/month (Billed in one payment of $39.99) is a registered Verisign site with secure credit card forms and SSL encryption with verified by Visa and offers Paypal as a payment option.

Company Information: offers its services in 9 languages in 13 European countries, as well as in 3 other geographical regions. The company has approximately 13.9 million registered profiles. Meetic was founded by Marc Simoncini in 2001. The company is based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.
It is a public company traded in the PAR exchange under the ticker: MEET.

Company Address:
41 rue Paul Bert
Boulogne, 92100
Phone: 33 1 44 71 94 94
Corporate site:

updated 10/22/08.

Write your own personal review of or comment on their service below.

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Gay Marriages?

October 20th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Gay Marriages

Gay couples around the globe have been fighting for equal civil rights under law as domestic partners and for the legalization of gay marriages. This has been a hotly contested topic in many states and elections and was also a question to both Obama and McCain to take a position on the topic. Both have taken the position of opposing outright marriage but supporting civil unions. Religious organizations and Republican politicians have usually taken a strong stance against gay marriages. Obama said he believes that same-sex couples should have the rights and privileges as married couples, but that the relationship should be called a civil union rather than a marriage.

In the US, same sex marriages were not considered legal for a long time. However, recently things have changed. Thanks to a court ruling, same-sex couples now have a constitutional right to marry. This news has been taken as a positive step towards giving equal rights to individuals in the US. Currently, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California are the states that have legalized gay marriages.

On May 17, 2004 Massachusetts became the first U.S. state to legalize gay marriages. The State of Massachusetts has also become so progressive on the topic that it issues licenses to gay couples from Rhode Island and New Mexico since neither state explicitly prohibits same-sex marriage.

In a 4-3 decision, Connecticut’s Supreme Court overturned the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

New Jersey is the third U.S. state to offer same-sex civil unions behind Vermont and Connecticut. The new same-sex civil unions law, which went into affect on February 19, 2007, granted gay and lesbian couples the same rights as marriage. Although same-sex unions in New Jersey are classified as civil unions, couples are granted the same rights as married heterosexual couples.

On May 15th, 2008, California’s Supreme Court ruled that banning same-sex marriage in the state was discriminatory. In a 4-3 decision, the justices ruled that people have a fundamental ‘right to marry’ the person of their choice and that gender restrictions violated the California’s state Constitution equal protection guarantee.

On May 29, 2008, New York issued a directive that only recognizes gay marriages from couples legally married outside of the state.

No matter where you stance is on the topic of gay relationships you should agree that gay couples should have all of the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. It is not unusual for companies to have programs with health care benefits to the partners of heterosexual employees. Some are now extending them to the partners of their homosexual employees as well. This is definitely a growing indicator of the growing social acceptance of homosexual relationships being equivalent to heterosexual marriages.

In August of 2000, the automakers Daimler-Chrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors announced that they would extend health care benefits to gay couples.

Other large companies which now provide domestic-partner benefits are: AT&T, American Express, American Airlines, Amoco, Avon, Barnes & Noble, Boeing, Citigroup, Chevron Oil, Clorox, Coca-Cola, Coors Brewing, Disney, Eastman Kodak, Gap, General Mills, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Levi Strauss, Mattel, Microsoft, Nike, Nynex, Pacific Telesis, Pillsbury, Proctor and Gamble, Quark, Reebok, Shell, Starbucks Coffee, Sun Microsystems, Time Warner, United Airlines, US Airways, US West, and Xerox.

What do you think about the topic of gay marriage and whether gay couples should be allowed domestic partner benefits?

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