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Rejected by eHarmony – Chemistry Commercials

October 24th, 2007 · No Comments

If you haven’t seen the string of TV commercials that are geared against eHarmony and how they just reject peoples personal ads because of religion, sexuality or their system just can’t match the person up with anyone. The ad with the “Dear John Letter” is one of my personal favorites.

eHarmony claims to be able to help you find your “Soulmate” using their 29 dimensions of compatibility with their 436 question personality profiler. (takes about 1 hour to fill out) The problem is that the system that eHarmony is built on had originally been geared towards being a Christian dating service website and has always giving preference to Christians with most of its early marketing towards Christian websites and portals. eHarmony was officially founded in 2000 by Ph.D and author, Neil Clark Warren, who has written several books on dating and marriage. The site was built with one round of venture funding of $3M by Fayez Sarofim & Co.There is an eHarmony Blog that has done a little research based off of eHarmony rejection letters and have come up with this list of top five reasons:

Reason #1. You said you are separated or married on page 14. 30% of eHarmony rejects fall into this category, according to a May 2007 article in the Washington Post.

Reason #2. You said you are below 21 on page 14. 27% percent fall into this category.

Reason #3. You said you were married more than twice on page 14.1 “eHarmony also rejects anyone younger than 60 who’s been married more than four times,” according to the Washington Post article. (Their personality test asks these three items only when you’re almost done.)

Reason #4. Your answers don’t add up, i.e., (a) you clicked random answers or (b) for example, you put “1″ under Aloof on the first page, but then checked “Outgoing” on page 6. 9% of rejects fall into this category.

Reason #5. You scored low on the following personality traits — eHarmony calls them dimensions:

* Self-Concept (how you perceive yourself)
* Emotional Status (feeling happy, fulfilled and hopeful)
* Character (honesty and trustworthiness)
* Obstreperousness (the black hole dimension)
* Character (honesty and trustworthiness)
* Emotion Management: Anger (expressing negative emotions constructively)
* Conflict Resolution (resolving issues).
* Family Background (happy childhood and supportiveness of your parents)

This is crazy huh? Well I don’t know many people that are in their 20’s or 30’s that are completely emotionally stable and that haven’t had rough family upbringing. Either a bunch of people are lying on their personality tests or I am hanging out with the wrong crowd.

I found a few other articles of other people that were rejected on – More Discrimination Victims

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