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November 20th, 2007 · No Comments logoIs going out of business? We have been trying to get to the bottom on what is happening with the affiliate program that used to be run through Commission Junction. You can see that their is an “Affiliates” link still being promoted in the footer of their site and when you click on it you get taken over to which has a link to Commission Junction that when clicked shows this message:

This company’s partnership with Commission Junction is currently inactive.

We have been promoting since they rebranded from True Beginnings over to and have always been paid on time and have even had personal contacts there that we have met in person at The Affiliate Summit trade show in Las Vegas. I emailed their regular customer service, the affiliate email, and our contacts Cornell McGee (CMO) and David Wright (SEO Manager) and both of their emails bounced back. We never received a response to the ones we sent to customer service either.

I just started doing a little research online to find a phone number for them to get some information on what is going on and when they intend on paying CJ so their affiliates like ourselves can be paid as well. I found this phone number on a coupon site and it actually worked and I was able to talk to a customer service rep that informed me that they we’re no longer running any “affiliation programs” but he took down my number and said that he would pass it along internally for someone to call me back with some details as to what is happening.

Here is the phone number to in case you might want to ask them yourself: 1.866.583.TRUE (8783). Customer Service Email:

I will give it a few days to see if we get a response and will then reach out to CJ to see if they have a status update as well. If you happen to know some information please email it to us anonymously or comment on this post. Here are some other interesting articles that I came across when I did a search on their company name instead of the domain name:

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