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Writing a Creative Personal Ad

January 15th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Personal Ad

Writing an effective personal ad is a hard task for many people because you are writing about yourself which can seem a little vain but if you just apply a little effort, creativity and imagination you can create a story around all of your interests and personality traits. Below are a few sample profiles that we created based on fake people with specific interests and professions. Of course these were written by a professional copywriter but the most important thing to take from these profiles is the casual language and story telling structure. Keep your profile personal and talk about what you experienced in life, what you enjoy doing and what you are looking for in a partner.

Male, 36 – architect – likes eating out, sports and scary movies

I love my life. I love what I do. I love making the most out of opportunities and I want to share my life with a woman that feels the same way! I have a great sense of humor and need to be with a woman that can make me laugh; not only with jokes, but a few knee slappers definitely wouldn’t hurt your chances.

If you’re looking for a man that will try to win you over with bragging and possessions, you’re looking at the wrong profile. I’m an honest and modest guy who loves a night on the town at a fancy Italian restaurant, followed by a scary movie and a white cherry Slurpee!

I’m looking for a down-to-earth woman that is not afraid to try anything and everything, and is ready for whatever life throws at her. She must be prepared to laugh at everything – including herself and if she knows what a “first down” is, or what “off sides” means, she would be just what the doctor ordered.

Male, 27 – artist – likes kung fu, reading and music

Painting is my life… but don’t run away just yet! I make a good living and have a lot of free time to spend with my elusive better half.  I’m an easy-going, well mannered African American who, according to friends, is not too terribly rough on the eyes and does not need constant attention… I can certainly entertain myself eighty percent of the time but would enjoy a partner in crime for the other thirty percent. (Math was never my strong suite.)

When I’m not relaxing on my couch with a Douglas Noël Adams book, listening to my favorite Wu-tang album or painting a self proclaimed “masterpiece”, I’m usually eating sushi with close friends or renting a classic Bruce Lee film.

I’m a sucker for a woman that expresses herself through art, music or performance and if you can prepare a delicious, home-cooked feast (or at least know a good delivery joint), I’m yours forever! I’m looking for someone who doesn’t mind staying in more often than not but is not afraid to go out on occasion and let her hair down – someone who is well-read, optimistic, and has a good ear for music. Tell me about yourself…

Male, 30 – contractor – likes baseball, politics and children

I’m here with a positive attitude and I’m ready to meet new and interesting people with whom I can spend my free time. A long-term relationship could be nice, but I’m definitely looking for friendship for starters.

In the short span that I have walked the earth, I’ve done pretty much everything when it comes to employment and have won countless bets when people say they can guess a job I’ve never done at least once – currently, I the owner of my own contracting business where I build houses for a living and I love every minute of it. I have two wonderful boys, ages six and eleven; they are everything to me and anyone that I choose to be with must love children! Oh, and baseball, because we are obsessed with the New York Yankees and spend a great deal of our free time attending games during the season – and hopefully post season.  My family is very close and extremely important to me and I get along best with people who feel the same way.

The perfect woman, to me, would be someone that can have an informed discussion about local or national politics and is not afraid to disagree with me or play devil’s advocate from time to time, gets excited about great seats at Yankee Stadium, loves or even has children and wants to see where our relationship leads while letting it set its own pace… no rushing.

Male, 40 – software engineer – likes travelling, wine and fine art

I’ve been to the beautiful Savannah Desert of South Africa, the Indian Himalayans and the sandy beaches of Thailand. I’ve meditated in rain forests of Central America, inhaling the intoxicating scent of the flourishing vegetation just after the afternoon rainfall. I’ve sailed from San Diego to the Caribbean – but for all the paths I’ve traveled, ours have yet to cross.
Maybe I was facing the wrong direction in Germany, when I was cooking at a gourmet restaurant on the German Riviera and you strolled past? I looked for you in Spain, while I sat in a narrow alley café; dipping my churro into chocolate so thick it reminded me of a cup of pudding – bittersweet not just in taste, but in actual fact, because you weren’t there to share it with me… or were you? It’s not that my life isn’t full. Between family and friends, my work as a software engineer, my yoga classes, hiking and volunteering in my community, I’m happy in my life, especially giving service to others. Also, I consider myself a wine “connoisseur”, but what fun is great wine without you to share it with?

I see us hiking together, swimming, going to local art openings or museum, discovering out-of-the-way mom and pop cafes. We’ll probably be the last couple to leave, since we’re deep into a conversation not about people, but about ideas and philosophies. I’m loyal and sincere, and promise to treat you with courtesy and respect. If respect comes first, then true intimacy naturally follows. But consider yourself warned: I’m old-fashioned and will want to open doors for you! Since we’ll be discovering a whole new world together, I expect you’ll get your chance to open a door or two for me as well.

Male, 50 – Col. United States Army (ret.) – restoring classic cars, skydiving and water polo

After 20 exciting years serving my country as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal expert in the United States Army (I made things go boom), I’m ready to follow my dreams of restoring classic cars with a woman that will roll her sleeves up and jump right in there with me – I have a 1920’s Ford Model T that needs ‘our’ attention first, and our sense of adventure second. I’m a bit of a modern day Indiana Jones in that I rather enjoy discovering hidden waterfalls or undiscovered mountainous lakes and don’t shy away from things like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for fun.

I like to stay fit by working out a few times a week and would expect my partner to join me more often than not. Although I am an avid water polo enthusiast and a goalie on my gym team, I don’t expect you to jump in the pool with us; although it most definitely would not hurt your chances!

I’m looking to meet a woman that can show me a few things along the way – life is a journey and that is far from over and I know there is much more out there to see, learn, live and love! Why don’t you take a leap with me? Of course that’s a metaphoric leap, not the literal sense… as in, “out of a perfectly good airplane.” But that would be excellent as well!

Now don’t even think about copying one of these examples. Sit down and write your own personal ad and let that personality shine.

-Brian R. (profile examples written by Chris Cairns – copywriter extraordinaire.)

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  • 1 Mike Shea // Sep 14, 2009 at 6:51 PM

    Well, I’ll study it. Seems to be many conflicting ideas in regards to this topic, but at first glance, they look good!



  • 2 Omar // Dec 23, 2009 at 12:25 AM

    I appreciate the samples here. I would, however, like a more analytical breakdown of what are the key componants that cause a direct response. You said that these ads were written by copywriters. Could you take some of these ads and show me step-by-step what makes them grab the attention of the target audience, and gets them to take action?

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